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We recently finished a fun and exciting project creating a new website for Tim Willard from navigate. navigate is a boutique strategy and innovation facilitation and execution consultancy based in Cape Town. Tim was an excellent client, he knew what he wanted but was also open to ideas and suggestions and never stopped learning. 

We used a "one page" parallax theme on Wordpress to create the navigate website, and carried the branding theme throughout with icons adapted from the navigate logo. Have a look at the site here:

This is what Tim had to say about our services...

Why do I rate the team at YDC 10/10? 

Let me count the ways... 

  1. From my first interaction, Dom and Emma as the leaders of Team YDC, demonstrated that they have a clear set of values and in particular value ‘can do'. So if you deal with YDC, take it as a given: 'Nothing can't be done' –and take it from me, they live by it and it shows.
  2. When interacting and meeting with them, meetings are on time, focussed and to the point. I like that!
  3. In their quoting process, its clear as to what one will be getting and what one will be paying for. I like that too.
  4. Not too long after my initial brief to them, some material aspects within my context changed (pretty much changing the whole brief!). Team YDC took this in their stride.
  5. Technically, they have what’s required. Emma took my version of copy and worked it into something that someone perhaps would want to read. Dom took technical charge and built a site just like I wanted! (All this despite my tinkering in the back end with some of the copy edits...) 
  6. From a client service perspective, both Dom and Emma give 110% and are highly professional in their interactions. They are convicted in their view and tell it as it is in a nice kind of way!
  7. As a team, YDC are happy to make changes as requested, in the quest to get it right for me, the Client. (What's not to like about that?) 
  8. From a project management perspective, they kept me well informed and updated on the process from start to finish. 
  9. They shared freely of their knowledge and expertise as relates to all the other web things that I now know about including differentiating between Wordpress pages and posts, SEO and how to go about losing my Twitter virginity. 
  10. And based on all of this, they’re great people to deal with. 

THANK you Tim! :)


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