Featured client: launchpad, angola

Featured client: launchpad, angola image

Guest post from Michael Sternberg of Launchpad:

In my last job, one of my projects was to set up a business in Angola for an English company. It was a lengthy and particularly complicated process with a steep learning curve. A big challenge I faced was around finding suitable office premises for the company. Good offices were difficult to find, extremely expensive, came with onerous minimum terms and a contract in an unfamiliar law. 

What we really needed was a flexible, serviced space with simple paperwork that would allow us to just start out. We weren't sure how quickly we would grow so we needed to be able to scale, or cut our losses. It would have been particularly helpful to be together with a few other investors going through the same process, so that we could pool resources and share experiences in getting things done in Luanda.

However, such a space did not exist in Luanda. So after successfully completing the project, I left my job and set up "The Launchpad", a flexible office space in central Luanda. I wanted to make it easier for people to invest in this bustling country. 


Targeted at investors coming to Angola from abroad, we knew that the website was going to be critical to our success. Our customers needed to be able to discover us online before arriving in Luanda. Our objectives for the site were broadly:

  • It needed to be contemporary and great-looking, creating familiarity and trust with a first-world corporate audience.
  • It needed to be optimised to be easily discoverable by search engines.
  • It needed to have specific functionality relevant to the market and service, including Portuguese translations and the ability to apply and make bookings.
  • Finally, as we are a start-up business, it needed to be cost-effective!

My experience working with the Yellow Door Collective team on this was excellent. From the start I felt like I was dealing with like-minded professionals who normally knew exactly what I wanted before I had even said it. I appreciated their high energy very much - the team adopted the project as if it were their own, doing additional research and coming-up with ideas well beyond the call of duty. Finally, as the concept was a new and evolving one, we had quite a few changes along the way. I especially appreciated the teams' patience and flexibility in accommodating all of my changes!

On the finished product the team took extra time to walk me through the site so that I can keep adding content from Angola, which is proving extremely useful and I really do appreciate.

I believe all of the objectives were very much met and I am extremely happy with the finished product. Thank you very much Dom, Emma and the rest of the collective! 

Michael was a pleasure to work with, always interested in learning about the process and showing endless patience when we needed to find innovative solutions to meet the projects’ needs. We look forward to working with him on the next project he has up his sleeve. Take a look at the finished product here.


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