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Hi, I’m Dom and I’m the co-founder of Yellow Door Collective. It’s hard to talk about yourself but I’ve been taught that you need to own your skills and what you do in life. I’m that person that you call on when your computer is broken, your phone won’t open the app you want or your email won’t send. That being said, it’s not because I love being the IT-girl, but I guess I do have a knack for it and that has guided my career in this way.


What is your position in the YDC team?

Co-founder and chief whip in the technical department.


How would you describe your role?

I make sure we build beautiful, functional websites for our clients, as well as help out with any technical queries within our business. I also field queries from clients and make sure that everyone in the office has the correct work load. As a director, I also give input on any new proposals and pitches that go out and put together the budgets.


When did you start working at YDC?

I’ve been here from day 0.


What part of your job do you enjoy most?

I love finishing a project and taking a website live. There is something magical about knowing all your hard work is out there for the world to see.


What part of your role do you find the most challenging?

When a project is dragging on and clients constantly ask for changes, it’s hard to keep motivated on the project.


What do you enjoy most about being part of the YDC team?

The energy in the office is always fun, we are a young team and there is always a fun conversation in the office, be it about a client or just something going on in the world. I also love the fact that we're always interested in what's happening in each other's lives, we're like a little family over here.


What specific project/ campaign did you/ do you enjoy working on most?

I really enjoy building a website that uses new technology and making it work well, for example, we built a shop for Baby Comfort that only has a few products but the technology works well and the client is really happy. There are parts of every project that I really enjoy and those are usually the parts that I need to apply my brain to figure out how something would work best.


What do you do when you’re stuck for inspiration?

I get distracted - watch series, go for a walk on the promenade, sleep – that’s usually when I suddenly figure out how to fix a problem on a website or come up with a new idea.


What is your pre-work routine?

Very little happens before work for me, I’m not a morning person so I'll usually drag myself out of bed in time to shower, down a cup of Rooibos and roll into work around 9am.


If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Wonder woman? I’ve been told I can be a bit of a princess, but I have a strong side and I’m pretty upfront if you cross me or those close to me.


What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

Something that involves sunshine, fun activities with friends, riding my horse and ending off with a movie on the couch with a blanket and a glass of wine.

What music do you like to listen to while working?

I enjoy Indie or alternative music, like The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons, that being said I’m pretty relaxed about music in general and will listen to pretty much anything.

Introvert or extrovert?

I’ve been told I’m an extrovert.

Cats or dogs?

Definitely dogs – I’m highly allergic to cats!


Shoes or barefoot?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes :)


What’s your favourite spot on Bree Street?

Probably Clarkes, they serve my favourite tomato soup, but Max’s Bagels is a close second.



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