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When asked what we do at Yellow Door Collective, the most succinct answer I can give is digital storytelling.


We are incredibly passionate about the brands we work with, and do our best to ensure content created is engaging and adds real value – from luxury safari holidays through to education and NPOs.


Our service offering is also constantly evolving, as we refine tried and tested techniques, and incorporate the latest trends… one of which is video.


Over the past few months, we have worked with two sets of exceptionally talents videographers to produce a range of videos and have also created infographic videos in-house. Here is a quick overview of some of the projects, as well as lessons learned along the way:


Infographic style

We’ve created animated, explainer videos for a number of clients, including Metro, The Carbon Report and eta College. It’s a great way to introduce video to your marketing mix without breaking the bank and convey a message or story in a succinct, visual way. We’ve learned that short and sweet always wins, with one key message and a clear call-to-action.


In-action style

Kelly & Woods have created a video that really encapsulates the eta College offering and gives prospective students a sense of what campus life is all about. Co-founders Liam Kelly and Justin Woods could not have been more enthusiastic about the project, and really went above and beyond the brief to create two world-class videos.


Interview style

Our most recent project was for the GP/OKCID, in collaboration with AT Digital. Co-founders Damian Fermor and Ali Mohamed created the most wonderful video in an incredibly tight timeframe and were an absolute pleasure to work with. The entire project took place in just under a week, and Damian managed to edit almost two hours of interviews down to three minutes of footage for the video!


This is a classic example of collaboration at its best –  our knowledge and understanding of the client enabled us to give a clear brief, manage the various role players and provide valuable input during the shoot; leaving them to focus on what they do best.


Going viral

The sheer volume of content online means that each video needs to be strategically placed and promoted to reach a specific target audience. So while a carefully crafted and produced video is the ultimate storytelling vehicle – you need to get it out on the road.


So we like to take a holistic strategy, and cover all the bases – including YouTube and Vimeo; the client’s website, social media and newsletter; and a PR campaign to ensure the relevant media receive the video and understand what it’s all about. Having a sufficient advertising budget is also key to ensure it reaches enough people and achieves the maximum possible exposure.


We’re really looking forward to exploring video further, including Instagram stories – so chat to us if you’d like us to create one for your brand.


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