Sleek and simple – Cape Town Policing Forum website

Sleek and simple – Cape Town Policing Forum website image

Creating a clean and safe community to live and work in is a big part of the Cape Town Policing Forum’s (CPF) goals. With a group of committed volunteers, this organisation is making our city a much better place.

Having formed partnerships with different organisations, including various policing agencies, CIDs, private security companies, local neighbourhood watches and communal organisations, their mission is to be a leading supplementary service provider for nurturing a safe environment. They’ve achieved this goal by having a visual presence in the Cape Town area which enables them to combat crime. CPF brings together all the relevant role players to work as a team.

Our team is proud to have created a website for the CPF that is simple, easy to navigate and highlights their core offering. We worked side-by-side with Ryan Morris, who heads up the CPF, to build a website that reflects their vision.

The end product is visually striking and showcases the most important information about the CPF. For example their Useful Numbers page has all the contact details for emergency contacts available in the City. We’ve also created a Get Involved page for the public with options to donate via PayPal or become a volunteer. 

Visit to see for yourself. 



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