Our five go-to apps behind the Yellow Door

Our five go-to apps behind the Yellow Door image

As a creative, new technology has become a major part of my daily routine. You probably never give it a second’s thought when you book an Uber to get home safely or use Instagram to upload your latest foodie masterpiece, yet you’re using these apps all the time. It’s become an extension of who you are, and with new apps constantly being created, it will only further help you manage and grow your business.

Communication manager. Time keeper. Problem solver. Being an integral part of a small agency means wearing several hats and thankfully with the development of new applications these tasks become much easier.

If you’re looking to improve on creativity, productivity and time management — or just have a bit of fun — these five go-to apps might be the answer to your prayers.

Photo Grid – with the help of Photo Grid you can easily spice up your Instagram with a creative photo collage. If you’d like resize or add a border to an image you can alter images within the app. One of the big advantages of using Photo Grid is that it automatically generates the correct number of grids depending on the number of photos you select. They’ve recently added the feature to create slideshows, which are ideal for Instagram stories.

Hootsuite – whether it’s managing an event’s social media or scheduling updates – Hootsuite is something our team can’t live without. The aim of the mobile and web application is to help businesses with multiple social media accounts to manage campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and measure messages across multiple channels. At Yellow Door we have one dashboard where we can easily access all of our client’s profiles, so teams can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Wordpress etc. with the added benefit of tracking results and industry trends.

Toggl – if you’ve always wanted to know how long writing a blog post takes you, then this one is for you. With one click, the Toggl timer tracks your every second, which is ideal for businesses who need to track billable hours.

To make sure you are focused and fully productive, close all tabs on your browser (including Facebook) and avoid getting distracted. After you’ve completed your project all task all yo have to do is click to stop the timer. At the end of the month you can export your timesheet and create graphs to show to your clients or boss.  The best part about the app is that it can be integrated with Asana so you can track your time within a task.

Facebook Pages Manager – managing numerous Facebook business pages can be a challenge. However, with this nifty tool you’ll have one place to control it all. Facebook has recently launched their Facebook Pages Manager app, which allows you to easily manage these pages from your mobile device. Whether it’s quickly editing a post, boosting an advert or scheduling an update – the app’s dashboard allows you to monitor numerous client pages at once.

Slack – after a couple of days of using the app it will fast become your new best friend. Considered the Whatsapp for business, it allows your team to easily communicate with each other on various channels. You can also filter and search for conversations, which make tracking tasks much easier. You can create channels for just about any conversation theme: whether it’s general, invoicing, phone messages or social media – whatever works best for your small business.

Now that we’ve let you in on our trade secrets, comment below and tell us what apps you’ll be using in 2017 to take your business to the next level.


Favourite apps from our team (just for a bit of fun):

Shae Wordress app

Ant Supersport app


Dom Uber and Sleep Cycle

EmmaThe Entertainer and Magic Seaweed

AshleighBoomerang and VC pay


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