The Myth Buster Series: 5 myths about Digital Marketing

The Myth Buster Series: 5 myths about Digital Marketing image

Digital marketing… an umbrella term, in its simplest definition, used to describe the marketing done for any product or service via digital technology. This would mainly be the internet, but also includes display advertising, mobile phones, social media and even games.

So, with digital marketing pretty much a part of our everyday lives, it should be simple to understand and even simpler to use. This, however, is not the case as there are still so many misconceptions and myths about digital marketing. In this blog post I will attempt to debunk some of these myths, and hopefully give you a better understanding and even fresh insights.


Myth No. 1: digital marketing is only for big businesses

You don’t need to be a major corporation with a massive marketing budget to take advantage of digital marketing. As a small business you need all the tools and help you can get your hands on, to get the ship sailing. Digital marketing allows you to communicate and engage directly with your customers without having a fancy call centre. You can sell products on a global scale without a physical store. More importantly, you can get all the insights and analytical data of your customers, from their buying preferences to which digital mediums they use most often.


Myth No. 2: Digital marketing doesn’t need to be a big part of your business strategy

The number of online consumers is continuously growing, and whether it’s for a service, product, or general information, a company’s website is usually the first stop for any potential customer, followed by its social media channels. So it’s of vital importance that these digital windows of interaction are on point, as your company’s online presence could be the difference between success and failure.


Myth No. 3: Website traffic, more is always better

 Quality is the key to effective digital marketing, not quantity. Say you own an ice-cream store, would you rather have a million people come in and look at all the cool flavours you have to offer and then walk out, or ten people who each bought an ice-cream? You would take the latter, so why should your website be any different? Effective digital marketing focuses on attracting the right kind of visitor to your website, who is interested in the products or services you offer.


Myth No. 4: A website with any content is all I need

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and in a world where people want the latest information at the click of a button, your website needs to be up-to-date with new content added on a regular basis. A website with static content is bad, but a website with random content is even worse. Good, high quality and relevant content that speaks to the needs of your target audience will attract more visitors to your website. The better the content, the longer they will stay on your site and higher the chances of them returning for more. Another plus of posting good, regular content is that it increases your SEO ranking, which in turn makes your site more reputable.


Myth No. 5: SEO, I did it in the beginning and that’s enough

Most companies allocate an initial budget to setting up the SEO, keywords and the static pages of their website, and then never worry about it again. This is a recipe for disaster and just like any other marketing strategy; your SEO strategy should be assessed and renewed on a regular basis to ensure the most effective results. Search algorithms are as dynamic as the internet itself and change all the time, so if your SEO strategy doesn’t adapt and evolve, your business could end up as a forgotten fossil.

From east to west, from a billion dollar corporation to a small start-up, from a mega marketing budget to the couple of rands put aside every month, digital marketing is one of the true unbiased tools that anyone can use. If you truly want to make a success of your business, take the time to create a solid digital marketing strategy, and if you are unsure of how to do it then get in contact with an agency that will be able to assist with strategy, content creation, design, SEO optimization, social media marketing and much more.


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