Leading the chase in digital space: Creative Hackathon

Leading the chase in digital space: Creative Hackathon image

R100 000 up for grabs. 50 creatives. 30 hours. 5 team members. 4 tasks. 1 winner. This was the Tiger Tail Digital Creative Hackathon 2017.


Our copywriter and Twitter-guerilla, Shae Leigh (that's me), signed up, showed up, stepped up, stayed up and delivered a three-minute presentation of power in front of some of the ad industry's biggest names. Like who? Alistair King of King James; Natasha Williams of Tiger Tail Digital; Sabiné Heckmann, Farai Madzima as head of Standard Bank's researchers and designers; and Julie Maunder with a history at Ogilvy, DDB, ECD and Lowe Bull. A hackathon is traditionally known in the tech industry (you're already thinking of a room full of pale-skinned, glasses-wearing computer nerds) but this time was a little different. This hackathon was for creatives. 

The brief was to design a logo, CI, website and wall mural for the brand Tiger Tail Digital - something of a real estate agent for ad agencies and creatives. Tiger Tail Digital pairs creatives with companies and agencies, acting as a virtual middleman. 

The challenge: reinvent digital recruitment. Our solution: create more than a one-stop-shop. The how: gamification. Gamification is modern intelligence, and according to Einstein, intelligence is creativity having fun. What better way to "house" creatives than this? Very simply, our reinvention involved creatives featuring on a leader board where they could earn points in various ways to climb the ranks. The higher they ranked, the more likely they were to be hired by a corporate. Corporates could then pick the industry's best creatives by "browsing" a top list.




Perhaps the most exciting part of this challenge was to define the brand. With virtually a blank canvas, we got to juice up our creativity and flex our intellectual digital muscles in front of a crowd. With a "tiger" in the mix we based our logo on the Chinese symbol of strength and agility. The tagline became "Leading the chase" as a demonstration of what Tiger Tail Digital ultimately seeks to do. After working through how that would translate into the corporate identity, our final task was to design a wall mural - something that encapsulated everything we'd done.

And who said working over the weekend wasn't fun? This was without a doubt one of the most enlightening weekends of my life. The opportunity to network, the mental challenge, the creative possibilities and the conglomerate energy have inspired me in a completely new way. On top of all that, I've gained a new perspective on my own ability to do what I do and do it well - a surge of self belief if you will. 


To the organisers, to the creatives, to the judges and mentors, to the catering and cleaning staff, to Workshop 17, to each audience member, thank you for each minute, each insight and each bit of confidence in us.


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