4 convenient apps to create the perfect video

4 convenient apps to create the perfect video image

At Yellow Door Collective, we produce many types of online content. These stretch from social media content and imagery, newsletters, and GIFs, to blog posts like the one you are reading right now.


One of the strongest mediums to effectively captivate your audience and communicate a message clearly is video. This can range from projects like one we recently did for the Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa in Tamboerskloof, to simple five second videos that you create on your mobile and that can give you the desired results you’re looking for.


We compiled a list of four video editing applications that you can use to conveniently create the perfect video for what you’re looking for:


Flixel Cinemagraph Pro


Flixel Cinemagraph Pro is one of the latest and greatest additions to the App Store. It allows you to record footage and ‘paint motion’ into your video, which means you can select an element in the video that you want to move while the rest stays still. This is a great app to offer something cost-savvy and effective to your clients’ audience or just for creative Instagram content, and we encourage all of you to try it out. Word of caution: you will always need a tripod, as your cell phone (or any other recording device) will have to be very still to achieve the outcome you want.




Biteable is a program that prides itself on being the world’s simplest online video maker. With a large selection of layouts and imagery, as well as the convenience of being guided through four easy phases during the creation process, it allows you to make effective animations online in minutes. Simply create your timeline, choose a colour scheme, select an audio track, and the result is a video that communicates your message clearly while also saving you enough time to invest on other tasks that need your attention.




Get ready for the program that is as enjoyable to use at it is for the viewer to watch the final outcome. GoAnimate.com allows you to create the perfect animations for client presentations, or to communicate important information while keeping the viewer captivated. With a selection of characters and location settings, you can instruct different characters to perform actions and even communicate with each other! It might sound complex, but Goanimate.com is a professional animation creator that won’t take you longer than a few minutes to master.


Final Cut Pro X


If you’re interested in tackling larger video projects, we suggest you start off with Final Cut Pro. This program might seem complex on a first impression, but once you get the hang of it you’ll realise it’s far more convenient than any other video editing software of its kind. As a beginner, you’ll be able to use all the functionality without the aid of a tutorial, but to truly master the program we recommend aiding YouTube for simple tips so you can ultimately become a master in video editing.


We’re sure at least one of these programs will assist you with the video project you have in mind, or simply help you improve on your Instagram skills. Creating video content doesn’t have to be a time consuming or frustrating task and we can assure you, once you’ve mastered one or two of these, you will hopefully enjoy creating videos as much as we do.


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