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Our client Forex People recently approached us with a challenge. They needed a solution for the stack of paperwork that they need to do to on-board a new client. ForexPeople is a foreign exchange intermediary, meaning that they help businesses with their foreign exchange requirements, so it’s important that they cross their Ts and dot their Is. The different forms that need to be completed to act on behalf of a client or their business and buy or sell foreign exchange for them is time-consuming and can become a tedious process for both parties.


The first step was to create a comprehensive form using Gravity Forms that would capture all of the information needed. The next step was where the complications arose, as we needed each of the pdf forms to auto-fill with the correct information, but we only wanted to capture the information once on the website. So ultimately some fields would need to duplicate across different pdf forms. Luckily, the guys over at Gravity Pdfs in Brisbane were able to help.


They gave us an affordable solution that worked seamlessly. This kind of outcome is exactly why we love collaborating with experts in niche fields.

As they always say, play to your strengths, and if you can hire someone to do the job better and faster than you can, then do that! Don’t feel the need to struggle along on your own and get frustrated. They client will thank you for it, trust me. 

As part of the project, we also designed and developed a new website for them that would show clients how simple and effective their solution is. 

Richard from ForexPeople is very happy with the final product, and he had this to say about us: "Having moved from agency to agency over the past 10 years, normally as the "new broom" effect wears off, I can't compliment Emma and Dom and the team at Yellow Door enough on their attentiveness, patience, creativity and willingness to gain a deep understanding of my business and my clients. They have helped me overhaul my website, launch a coordinated social media strategy as well as handle ongoing ad hoc requirements. A good example of how a client-centric business should work."

We also look forward to working with Gravity Pdfs on other exciting projects down the line.


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