Social media secrets your agency hasn't told you

Social media secrets your agency hasn

Whether you work in the digital industry or not, most of us are quickly becoming professionals at social media and have realised long ago what the impact of having a social media presence can have on our personal and business lives. However, because these platforms are constantly improving and adding new features, it can be tricky to keep up with all the latest and greatest features.


Whether you work in marketing or you’re just looking to up your social media game, here are some quick and easy tricks for you to try out:


1. Save it for later


A while ago, Instagram added the option to save posts instead of liking them, without the user being notified. If you use Instagram like you use Pinterest and often want to save posts as inspiration, then this option makes it a whole lot easier. After you’ve tapped the save button on a post (bottom right corner), go to your profile and click on the the bookmark icon on the top-right menu above your photos to see all posts that you’ve saved.


To divide these posts into different categories, select the "Collections" tab and tap "Create Collection." You now have the option to create albums for different categories, or for business purposes, for different clients that you’d like to use the posts as inspiration for.


2. Have your go-to filters ready


If you use Instagram a lot and often use the Instagram filter function, chances are you have two or three favourites and never really use the other ones. To make editing your photos easier and faster, you can hide the filters you never use and reorder the other to have your favourites first.


To do this, add a new post and begin editing it. When you get to the filters, scroll to the end where you’ll see a “manage” button. When you click on this, you’ll be able to select and deselect filters and reorder them.



3. Strategy


Because social media is all about posting real-time updates, it’s great to not have to think too much about what, when and how you want to post something. However, with business or professional accounts more than your personal account, it’s still important to put some strategy into your social media plan.


Even when you are pressed for time, take some time every now and then to review what you are posting, when you are posting, how often, who engages most with your content, etc. It can be challenging to keep your followers interested, and therefore it requires a good look at your Instagram strategy every now and again to stay on top of your game.


4. Archive


Sometimes an Instagram post just doesn’t fit the rest of your feed the way you thought it would, but you don’t just want to delete a post as your followers have already seen it. If you ever regret posting something on Instagram, you now have the option to archive old posts without deleting them. To archive a post, go to the “...” menu on a photo, and you’ll see an option to archive the image. Hitting that button sends the photo to a private gallery where only you can see it. To access the archive, click on the rewind-style button in the top right corner of your profile.


5. Just for fun


You might regret finding out about this seriously addictive hidden game, but here’s a cool tip to impress your friends and fans with. If you go to Facebook Messenger and send a basketball emoji, you’ll see that when you click on it, a hidden game is launched where you can play against friends to see who can score the most baskets. The game is played within the chat window and Facebook will keep track of both players’ high scores, just to make sure that bragging rights can be appointed accurately. Game on.


If you have any other cool social media secrets that can help us with keeping our clients’ social media top notch or that can keep us entertained, let us know.


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