Improve Your Business With These 5 Quick Website Tips

Improve Your Business With These 5 Quick Website Tips image

If you ask an ‘SEO person’ how to get your website to the top of Google, you’ll find they have a lot of answers for you and none of them are short and simple. There are also plenty of articles, and opinions, on the best website designs, website best practices, how to create the best user experience on your website and so it goes on, and on.  

However, when you’re looking at your current business website and asking yourself, is this serving my customers in the best possible way? Then here’s a checklist to make sure you’re on the right track:


1. Does your site look professional at a first glance?

If you’ve used a template to create your website, or asked someone to create it for you, make sure you’ve removed the theme credits – the bit at the bottom which says which theme was used to create the site.


Check your website links, are they words or a string of numbers? It’s best to use word based “permalinks” which is the way the URL of each page is shown. i.e. vs Ensure the page titles are relevant to each page and that they describe the content that the user will find on that page.


2. Does your site flow and have clear calls-to-action?

The easy test is to look at the site with a person who has never seen it before, and watch the way they move through the pages. Do they know where to find the information they need? Do you have a button or link for your call-to-action? I.e. contact us, buy now, sign up. Also, make sure that text is clear and easy to read - don’t use long sentences or too much jargon.


3. Are your contact details clear and visible?

Your contact details should never be more than one click away, and preferably should be visible on the landing page. Some websites have the email address and contact number in the top header or in the footer, which means the customer doesn’t have to search if they quickly want to contact you.


If you prefer people to complete a form in order to contact you, just make sure you state that you’ll respond promptly/ within a certain number of hours and stick to your word. It’s best to leave a contact number or email at least so that people who don’t like forms won’t drop off.


4. Have you shown Google where your site is?

The easiest way to get listed on Google is to register your website with Google Search Console, or Webmaster Tools. In order to do this, you will just need access to the backend of the site and be able to upload a simple code to the “header” section of your site. If you don’t know where to find that, we’re happy to help.


Once you’ve verified your site, you can upload a site map to make sure all pages are listed and your customers can find your content easily. You can also load your site and see how Google will see it and request for it to be indexed. You should do this whenever you make big changes to your site, like adding a new page or changing the website copy.


5. Do you have a plan to update your website regularly or show that your business is active on social media?

It’s all very well having a pretty, user-friendly website, but if it looks like it was built three years ago and you haven’t looked at it since then people may not bother to follow the call-to-action.


Simply updating your portfolio regularly, writing blog posts and posting them on your site or changing the copy to include your latest achievements will show your customer that you’re still going strong. You can also have links to social media pages where you post regularly about all the projects you’re currently working on.


If you’re reading this and realising that your website needs some love, then send us a message to see how we can help. Have a look at our portfolio to see some of our latest work and examples of websites we’ve built. 


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