Three trends to help boost your brand image

Three trends to help boost your brand image image

Before getting overly excited about the aesthetic presentation of visuals, it is crucial to pin down the brand message intended to be communicated in the long term. This common dilemma of balancing the appearance and content direction of a brief can be a daunting task for designers.


Without a doubt, any design should look good and be clearly understood by the audience. However, there are numerous ways to achieve this, and design trends influence our palate and preferences. Understanding key movements and fashions can improve the relationships between designer and client, and content and presentation.



The roots of minimalism as a trend can be traced back to the Scandinavian design of the early 20th century. This trend, which remains appealing today, is characterised by the inclusion of intentional white space. This creates white space and reduced focal points.


Pattern and Geometrics

Patterns, when incorporated effectively, can create contrast and allow main elements in a composition to stand out. When using geometrics though, it is important to guard against them becoming too noisy and distracting.

This trend is predominantly influenced by flat design, which has been a very welcome style to graphical design, and has been used to simplify visuals and improve user experience, which is the core focus! 


Colour transitions and manipulation

Colour transitioning is one of the biggest design trends right now. This movement emerged in 2016, and quickly rose towards incorporation by huge brands. Instagram, for example, has recently made identity tweaks in line with this trend by refurbishing from flat colours to multi-coloured transitions. This trend is almost everywhere, from logos to buttons or picture overlays.


The colour craze trend does not end with transitions and gradients. In recent years many designers have played it safe with colour schemes, to create very clean and controlled designs. Designs layouts have been dominated by light and neutral colours like white, greys and black in the recent past. However, in 2017 bright, vibrant and bold colours have become the norm. This trend has inspired designers to create compositions using colours found in nature and intensifying them for pop. Likewise, in popular photography, the trend is to use bold and saturated images.


Understanding the differences between aesthetics and communication is important for designers and clients alike. The efficient use of design trends can help capture the intended audience and curate an aesthetically pleasing presentation of their message. 


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