Digital story-telling & why you should tell yours

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Over thousands of years, the one thread that has tied humans to every part of our history is stories. From the time of hunter-gatherers to the kings and queens of days gone by, and even those more recent, the stories that were told and passed on through generations are how we connect with these people, even though we could never have interacted in person. In a similar way, the story of a brand is what connects people to the somewhat intangible concept of a product or service.


Research has shown that stories are more persuasive even than logistical arguments, especially those stories that transport the reader away from their present moment. For instance, using examples of actual people who used your product or service and overcame a hardship or solved a problem. Potential customers then empathise with these stories and ultimately develop a relationship with your brand.


In Emma’s recent blog post, What to expect from YDC in 2018, she explained our shift in focus for the year ahead. While this is not a dramatic shift, more of a change in roles and concentrating on certain services, we are doing it because we feel that we need to adapt to our environment and keep up with the trends in our industry.


One of these services is content creation, or in our context, digital storytelling. Whether this is a brand guide or a compelling Facebook post, it needs to tell the brand’s story with the right visuals and copy.

For current clients, our focus is to bring their story to the customer through innovative campaigns and to use more interactive visual content like video and moving photos. For new clients, we start with a solid grounding such as a holistic marketing strategy and a brand guide, and create the content from there.

Another way we plan to bring our clients’ stories across is by personifying them through influencers and brand ambassadors. Social media influencers are an objective third party who embrace a brand’s values and lead by example. They promote brands by living their life and telling their own story, which includes using the brand’s product or service.

I acknowledge that digital storytelling sounds quite fluffy and doesn’t seem to be based on hard facts and ROI. But when paired with a holistic marketing strategy and proper metrics to track, the story is just the start of the journey to reach the customer and the hard-selling needs to follow. Once the customer engages with the brand, it’s up to the company to ensure that the customer journey is slick and the product or service they receive is worth shouting about. That’s when we know that the marketing, sales and advertising all work hand in hand to create success for the brand.


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