Interning at YDC: what I've learnt & enjoyed

Interning at YDC: what I

Every final year student’s long-term goal to break into the industry starts with the drive to nail that job interview for your first employment opportunity. Then the real journey begins. I started my creative career behind the Yellow Door, and it left a remarkable touch on me. 


What I have enjoyed

Choosing a career in creative marketing within the digital world threw me into cocoons of exciting and ambitious projects. There is a constant demand for versatile skill sets, required for a variety of brands that range from lifestyle and education to non-profit. I always had to be on my toes, like a DJ who had to handle a bipolar crowd! Under the right guidance I was able to adapt to all brand personalities and create content that justifies this. I enjoyed this challenge, given that I was supported by a competent team.


The highlight was the fact that the learning experience changed my creative approach and given the environment, I couldn't ask for more.


What I have learnt

I was under the care of a competent team and directly managed by a creative mind whose experience in the industry humbled me during the course of my internship.


I learnt that design is firstly about communication, then aesthetics follow. As simple as that statement stands, it has moulded the best campaigns I have seen at the Yellow Door and this circle keeps rolling on every project. 


“Content is king and attention to detail crowns the king.” Provided that you have the content and ability to aesthetically present this to the target audience, the crown is in your hands; however if you miss one tiny detail then you will appoint the wrong king. This might draw negative attention and break the communication chain which will in turn reflect as unprofessional to clients and the audience or customer.

My favourite bits of advice

The best advice I received during the course of my internship would be from Ant, (which he also shared in his article “The big 5 – common mistakes that designers make”) who explained the importance of recognising mistakes and putting a stop to them, or fixing them when the damage has been done. But prevention is far better than the fix.

Interning at YDC

Advice for every overachiever, that I have taken into close consideration, is to simply learn how to manage client/ audience expectations. According to William Shakespeare, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Under the right management, tables can be turned in one’s favour, and this is where “under-promising and exceeding expectations” changes the game. A vital bit of advice, which many will ignore, is that overpromising actually creates a void for mistakes to reel in.

My time at Yellow Door really paid off in experience and I hope through this experience I can bring better ideas into my next role in the industry.  I’m happy to have seen projects start and end off successfully, and there is great joy in being part of that success.

A huge take-away from this experience would be the constant process of learning that the team is put through, this played a strong role in the Camino trips project, which I learnt so much from through building the site from start to completion.

We look forward to seeing what Nomso creates and builds in the future and wish him a lifetime of success ahead!


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