4 reasons to hire a digital agency

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The customer is king. This statement means more now more than it did years ago when it was first introduced. In this digital age that we live in, it’s one fact that we cannot deny.


We are living in a time where one comment can require serious damage control for years to come and one tweet can shut your business down. We cannot underestimate the power that consumers have to turn a business upside down and cause riot; and on the positive side, to generate income and leads.


Customers want to be heard, and they want to be heard now! And this is where we come in. Here are four reasons to work with a digital agency such as Yellow Door Collective:

1.      We want you to win

Call it ego or not, but we want you to win, because when you win we win too. Our common goal with brands is to make it abundantly clear that your brand has a voice. Our passion is to make your business heard and represented on every social network out there – ones that are relevant of course.

Social Media

2.      Fresh and relevant content

There is only so much ‘buy our product’ style of posts can do before consumers switch off and unfollow you. It’s a position where no brand wants to be.

After customers, content is everything, and creating great content requires time, research and a dedicated team who work tirelessly to wow and win your customers over every time. It’s about storytelling.

An agency’s objective should be to continuously find new ways to reach the brand’s target market, and to keep them engaged with fun and fresh content that they would like to share with their friends.

That requires time, a 24/7 thought process and research on the latest trends, what people are talking about and not talking about, and how we can make them talk. Do you have capacity and the head space to do that every day while trying to meet the business’s bottom-line?

3.      Crisis control

Yes, when a customer asks how much a bottle of tomato sauce costs, it is a crisis, and somebody better have the answer. We are here for the customer and to make their journey a pleasure every step of the way when dealing with your brand.

Consumers visit your brand online because they are expecting a reply in less than an hour and anything more, means you don’t care and does this Facebook page of yours even work - sigh.

Hiring a digital agency means you have a dedicated team who will spend time answering all customer queries, putting out any fires that might have been lit by frustration, and reminding the customer that they are important; and yes, they are valued and yes, we definitely want to help. 

4.      We don’t hope, we strategize

Strategy is to look at the now while planning for the future. This includes the how, when, and what it will take, especially budget wise. As an account manager my role is to give guidance on what is best for the brand. This entails constant research on industry developments, new trends and the constant shift in how to engage customers. I’m constantly thinking about how we can make sure that your brand’s online presence is relevant as the time goes by, how we can continue to engage with your customers on a regular basis, and how we can use the budget that you have to make sure that it is spent in the best possible way.

It is about developing a holistic approach to how your brand’s online presence will evolve over time. Customers and trends change all the time, and this is where strategy comes in; because as much as it is important to stay relevant, that relevancy must connect with your brand or else consumers might find you too fluid and lacking authenticity. Be relevant, and on the right platforms. The right agency will help your brand speak with clarity and uniformity.

In closing, remember that working with an agency allows you the flexibility of time to focus on building your business in order to meet your targets objectives – and we can help you do that.


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