Africa Caucus

The Africa Caucus is a student organisation for people from Africa and interested in Africa. They host events, meetups, treks and trips for their members. They also run the Africa Policy Journal at Harvard and the annual African Development Conference. The club is managed by various academics and students from different Harvard schools. It also provides information on bursaries and scholarships for other Africans looking to study at Harvard.


We built a dynamic website for the Africa Caucus to ensure that students are always kept up to date with the latest news from the club. The site is built on Wordpress so it's easy to update.



Ari's Cancer Foundation

Ari’s Cancer Foundation (ACF), established in 2012, is run by 12 voluntary committee members and inspired by the life of a vibrant young lady, Ariana, who lost her battle to cancer at the age of 24. In September 2014, Ari’s Cancer Foundation pledged to help the Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) with cancer in South Africa and they have already achieved so much.


Ari's is a foundation very close to our hearts and we have loved working with Courtney and his team. To promote their annual Charity Ball and to create more awareness for the Foundation and their AYA Youth Booth, we created a full media list for print, online and broadcast media and secured great coverage for the cause. On top of that, we developed and built a new website for the brand.




Since its inception in 1970, the Ackerman Family Educational Trust has helped over 600 young minds to qualify and start their careers. Some of these include teachers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, surgeons, musicians, businessmen, professors, academics, government civil servants and even a judge. To this day, the Trust continues to contribute to the future of South Africa by helping to educate deserving students who do not have the necessary funds to study. We are proud to work with AFET on their social media and other marketing efforts.



Cape Town Policing Forum

Cape Town Policing Forum (CPF), is headed by a volunteer executive structure who work incredibly hard to better Cape Town. The Cape Town CPF has created numerous partnerships with different organisations, from various policing agencies and private security companies, to local neighbourhood watches and communal organisations. Their goal is to bring together all the relevant role players to ensure a safe and enjoyable community.


In June 2016, we met with Ryan Morris who wanted to create a website that was easy to use, simple and had all the necessary information community members needed. We created a sleek website that showcases what they do and to make it easier for Capetonians to get in touch with the police and other emergency services.



Conservation Travel Africa

Conservation Travel Africa is dedicated to bridging the gap between conservancy management and community development. They use responsible tourism and travel experiences to raise awareness and support for the preservation of Africa's wildlife. They believe that responsible travel is a two-way street - the contributions of time and energy which overseas visitors bring and, in return, what Africa gives to those visitors - amazing animals, incredible people and stunning wilderness areas.

We are currently creating a style guide, company profile document and newsletter template for the brand. Phase two will be to conceptualise a holistic marketing strategy and work with their team to execute it.



The Green Point and Oranje-Kloof City Improvement District's aim is to be the leading supplementary service provider for nurturing a safe, clean, attractive and accessible business and residential environment. Founded in 2001, it has contributed to a huge transformation in the area over the past 15 years with 170 arrests and 150 safe events being supervised by the GP/OKCID officers in 2015/ 2016.


YDC manages all communications for GP/OKCID and we are an integral part of all their marketing. Our monthly tasks include strategy, social media posts, creating a monthly newsletter, interviewing businesses and writing articles and weekly meetings with GP/OKCID. Marc Truss and the team allow YDC freedom to be creative and try out new ideas, which makes them one of our most enjoyable clients to work with.

Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation

The Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation (HSDF) is a non-profit organisation based in Nigeria. They help other organisations and government to make critical decisions and implement service-delivery. The organisation is run by experienced businessmen and women with relevant experience and passion for the industry.


Although this project started out as a patch up job on a website that had been created over many years by many different developers, in the end, we took ownership of the site and made it work within the bounds of the brief provided. 


JuMu Rhino Fund

Julia “Jules” Murray firmly believes that as human beings, we need to do everything we can to protect the world’s endangered animals - like the rhino - and stand up for them to ensure that generations to come can enjoy and appreciate them. From this vision, the JuMu Rhino Fund was born, and Jules is determined to raise more money and become more involved in the fight to save the rhinos.


We built her website and helped her set up her social media. It goes without saying that it was inspiring to work on a brand like JuMu. We also helped her build a presentation use when pitching for funds.




The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID), established in 2012, is focused on providing public safety, cleaning and urban management services in the Bellville/ Parow area. Over the last few years, the VRCID has contributed greatly to the upliftment of the community and the security of the area.

We have established a Facebook presence and executed the initial stages of a strong brand representation online. Part of this will be the redevelopment of the VRCID website. Furthermore, we liaise closely with the operations teams and give strategic input on all marketing collateral. 2017 holds great promise with the inclusion of dedicated public relations efforts, a newsletter, social media  and the opportunity to grow even more.


Woodstock Improvement District

The Woodstock Improvement District's (WID) aim is to provide a nurturing a safe and clean business and residential environment. WID is completely committed to ensuring that this remains a place each person can call home in the weeks, months and years to come.

YDC manages all communications for WID and we are an integral part of all their marketing. We developed a new website for them too. Our monthly tasks include strategy, social media updates, creating a monthly newsletter, interviewing businesses and writing articles and bi-monthly meetings. The internal WID team has a vision for how the marketing can leverage their influence in the community and we are behind it 100%.