Author: Debbie Hall

Why we love brand strategy workshops

One of our favourite activities at Yellow Door is conducting brand strategy workshops with our clients. We find the workshops are particularly beneficial for new retainer clients, as they help us to really understand the brand and have a holistic plan before we start creating content. They are also a great introduction and first step in building a strong relationship between an agency and a client, which is so key to our approach.

4 benefits to coaching in business

Over the past few decades, executive coaching has become increasingly popular and is now a thriving industry. Individuals and businesses have realised how the coaching process can have significant, positive outcomes.

Blogs, newsletters and PR articles – how does the content differ?

I began my journey in agency life in January 2020 and what a year filled with learning it has been! One of the eye-opening points I learnt, is how many different marketing platforms are available to reach an audience, such as social media, websites, advertising and public relations.

Why consistent marketing is so crucial to your brand’s success

In a tough market, strategic marketing is one of the most important things a business can do. At Yellow Door we see daily how marketing supports businesses through challenging times; and in many cases help them thrive. We often have to explain to our clients that marketing is a long game. You need a 3-6 month plan to start to see actual results beyond a few quick wins.

5 tips to stay sane working from home

New technology has allowed many companies to offer employees the flexibility to work from home. With the onset of Covid-19 this trend has accelerated, with many people now working from home for the first time. Many, including myself, have been working at home with small children during the lock-down. The challenge of this is somewhat of a juggle, however the best advice I was given in this case is just to be kind to yourself and do what you can!

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