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Create an online shop for your products. How hard can it be?

If you read our previous post about e-commerce after COVID then you probably don’t need us to tell you again that e-commerce or online shopping is the way of the future. You’ve heard it for years before, and now it has accelerated substantially by the ‘adapt-or-die’ COVID-19 climate. According to World Wide Worx, an independent tech market research group, the portion of e-commerce in South Africa’s retail climate is just 1.4%, compared to the US and China, where it is closer to 20%. So, how do you tap into this market, and where do you start?

5 tips to ensure your website is fast, secure and up to date

Have you ever visited a website that has interesting content, but you can see that the last article was written 3 years ago? Or do you have your own website and you are guilty of this too? Or worse, you had a website built for your business that you spent a lot of money on, and were very proud of, and then years later you had to spend more money rebuilding it as you didn’t spend the time on website maintenance.

Company culture and productivity behind the Yellow Door

People are often surprised at how much time we invest in our culture and people here at Yellow Door, especially for a small team. For us it’s second nature to want to improve the relationships and dynamics of the people in order to get the most out of them in the workplace. To find out why this is the case, we dug deeper into the link between culture and productivity at work.

How and why to engage with your online community

A ‘community manager’ is more than just a new title we give to millennials, it’s an invaluable role within today’s digital marketing industry. All over the world community managers are controlling the perception of brands from Coca Cola and Apple to the local pizza place down the road by being the first port of engagement with their customers on social media. In this article we unpack why we need them and why it’s important to engage with your online audience at all touchpoints.

How to choose the best social platform to reach your customers

Reading time: minutes This post was originally featured in Your Business magazine Visit article Are you running a business and wondering how to find time or knowledge to market your business online? According to a study by LeadPages, 47% of small business owners handle their marketing efforts on their own. So, you’re not alone; almost …

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