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Running a business is a bumpy ride, with a number of mountains to climb. Verne Harnish, founder of Scaling Up refers to the dips between them as ‘valleys of death’. 

The first one happens when a company reaches about 10 employees – processes have to change, the founder may need to hire a second in command, and the way the business runs needs a fundamental shift. This is often when automation is first really needed. But we recommend getting a head start if you can, by getting the right processes in place as early as possible.

We offer an automation consultation service to equip your team with the tools to focus on tasks that drive revenue, rather than wading through admin. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to automation, so we’ll identify where we can help, what to prioritise and then create a process map to understand where we can help to streamline your business. 

If you’re weighing up the possible return on investment of automating your processes, just take a moment to do the sums – using a simple equation of one hour of admin eliminated per employee per week – and what impact this could have on your bottom line!

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R 2500
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  • A 90-minute consultation to understand your business processes, pain points and where you'd like to streamline things; and then list of suggestions for a way forward, in terms of what platforms to use and what the scope would be for each one.

Read Dom’s blog post for 5 real life examples of automation in action.

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