What role do you play as part of the extended Yellow Door team? I get called in to assist the team with brand and messaging strategy sessions, especially where there is a strong leaning towards technology or a content-driven outcome. Which of the Yellow Door values do you resonate most with and why? Authenticity. I’m lucky enough to know a lot of the team socially as well as professionally, and this is something that has always stood out for me. This resonates for me because it means I can bring my authentic self to any client workshop or piece of work, which always continue reading

Q&A with Vanessa Clark

We get to collaborate with talented freelancers on projects from time to time, and Vanessa has been part of this collective from the very beginning. She’s an incredible wordsmith, storyteller and…

Q&A with Camille Eddy

My name is Camille, but my close friends and colleagues call me Cam. I was born in France, and I’ve been studying communication in Paris for the past two years.…

Q&A with Jessica Pitman

My name is Jessica Pitman, also referred to as ‘Jess’ by friends and family, or ‘Chuck’ by very close friends and family. I’ve grown up in both Durban and Cape…

Q&A with Dean Palmer

I’m Dean Palmer – my actual name is Dylan but everyone calls me Dean! Originally from Delft I now live in Woodstock in a shared

Junior account manager position

Reading time: minutes We’re looking for more than just a kick-ass account manager with a passion for all things marketing – because for us it’s


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