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10 tips for managing your event

Events like high-profile weddings and product launches tend to make event planning seem more glamorous than it is! The reality is that event planning involves more than the finished product and the last few years have seen a great deal of change in the world. The changes that relate to events may be amongst the most significant ones. 

Five reasons your business needs a website in 2022

These days almost every business has a website. Gone are the days of The Yellow Pages and traditional marketing. This change comes with some awesome digital opportunities that you should be sure to take advantage of, and have fun with!

Use the social media algorithm to your advantage

Many of us may have noticed that we constantly see the same 10-20 people post content online, even though we follow 100s of other accounts. Imagine if we saw every single post that our followers posted in order of them posting it? It may sound good but you’d spend a long time scrolling through the posts to get to something you’re interested in. So social media developers came to the rescue. They designed an algorithm to filter the volume of content and ultimately determine which content to showcase on your feed based on various criteria including your online behaviour and preferences. 

5 tips to get the best of Instagram for your business

Instagram is the go-to place for a lot of people to share their photos, videos, stories and reels every single day. Knowing how to grow your business on Instagram is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

In this blog, we’ll explain how you can use Instagram for your business and show you how you can connect with your audience.

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