2023 Marketing Trends Part 4 – The New Frontier: Discord and Fastvertising

Dive into the world of virtual communities on Discord and harness the lightning-fast power of Fastvertising. Learn how to engage and connect with your audience in new and captivating ways.

Welcome back to the final part of our marketing trend series! In the previous sections, we’ve journeyed through the realms of voice optimisation and short-form video content, AI and AR, personalisation, and the power of micro-influencers. In part 4, we dive into two more game-changing trends that are shaping the way brands connect with their audiences: Discord and Fastvertising. 

Discord: A space for everyone…

If you’re like me, you’ve most likely heard of Discord as a platform that gamers use to connect and communicate while playing online games. And you would be correct because Discord’s focus had initially been the gaming community in which gamers could communicate with one another.  But surprisingly, Discord has become a widely used platform for brands to connect and engage with an audience or to use as an internal communication platform for businesses. 

During the Covid lockdown, when gaming took flight (because what else was there to do), people were swarming to the platform to keep up with their favourite gamers and try out new games – like Among Us and Fortnite. However, the more that users engaged with each other, the clearer it became that Discord was more than just a gaming platform, it was a world of virtual communities.

With over 150 million active users a month, Discord is ultimately a community-powered VoIP application allowing users to engage through text, voice or video chat to connect with communities on various topics and channels. Discord has blossomed into a vibrant community-building tool across industries. It’s a place where like-minded individuals come together, share ideas, and chat in real-time. 

But how do you tap into the marketing mojo of Discord? It’s all about diving headfirst into its community-driven vibe. Whether you’re unveiling a new product or seeking for some honest customer opinions, Discord’s channels, threads, and roles are your soundboard for orchestrating customer marketing from your very own branded hub.

By harnessing Discord, you can cultivate a loyal community, communicate directly with your audience, and foster a sense of belonging (also check out our part 3 blog on Personalisation). From Q&A sessions to exclusive events and behind-the-scenes content, Discord offers endless opportunities to strengthen your brand’s bond with its community.

Fastvertising: Blink and you’re iconic…

Let’s chat about Ryan Reynolds for a second. The witty actor has taken marketing to new heights. If you’re a gamer or a parent to a teenager, you may recall when Fortnite was taking the world by storm, and around the same time, Deadpool 2 was gearing up for its release. It was the crossover of these two worlds that had everybody talking. Deadpool landed in Fortnite as a character ‘skin,’ sparking a social media frenzy and giving both the game and the film a double dose of limelight. By capturing this cultural moment, the actor was able to engage with a large audience (not to mention those watching from Discord) and create buzz for his film and secure himself the title of Fastvertising King.

But Fastvertising isn’t all about games and blockbuster superheroes. It’s the small, snappy moments that make marketing magic happen. Think Barbie’s signature pink making a cameo in viral social media trends, or even bizarre snowfall in Johannesburg causing the maize meal brand, Iwisa, to take the cheeky credit, not to mention practically every advert by Nando’s. So, what exactly is Fastvertising? 

It’s like marketing on a caffeine rush—it’s the art of whipping up lightning-fast content that rides the wave of current events and trends. Brands are quick on the draw, generating up content that’s relevant, witty, and ‘in the now.’ In a world where attention spans are short, fastvertising is the golden snitch for grabbing attention quickly. So be sure to stay in the loop, keep up with trends, and jump on the opportunities presented to you. After all, the early bird gets the most views and likes.

It’s clear that the worlds of virtual hangouts and lightning-fast content creation are shaping a marketing landscape that’s as dynamic as it is captivating. From nurturing communities on Discord to riding the Fastvertising wave, these trends encourage us to reimagine how we engage and connect with audiences. 

So, as you embark on your marketing journey, remember to blend the power of community and the thrill of rapid content creation—it’s a winning formula that’s here to stay. Your audience is absorbing content and information in different and unique ways, whether it is artificially generated, in short-form videos or in online chat groups, be sure to adjust your marketing strategy to keep up with the changing marketing landscape. If you’re looking for more ideas or unique ways to promote your brand, reach out to our team.

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