Lockdown survival: 21/21 campaign

The beginning of lockdown was a bit of blur as we tried to support existing clients and pivot to attract new business. Amidst the turmoil and long hours, we became increasingly aware of how many friends couldn’t work or generate an income at all.


I chatted Sean, a school friend and founder of Green Space Landscape Design, and he told me that he was committed to paying his staff right through lockdown, despite all projects grinding to a halt. I realised I wanted to do something to support him… and that’s where the 21/21 idea stemmed from.

We decided to dedicate 21 hours in 21 days (the name of our campaign was a lot catchier before lockdown was extended) to support four fellow business owners, so that they could come out stronger on the other side of lockdown.


Sean used the time at home to focus on his online presence and use digital marketing to line up projects for the next quarter, to ensure he’d be at full capacity when level 3 kicked in. We worked with him to update his website and social media profiles, create a Facebook ads campaign and set up his first newsletter on Mailchimp. The good news is that he’s back in action, with a great runway of new business!

When we asked for feedback, this is what he had to say:

“Working with Yellow Door has been a pleasure. Such a professional team, that has shown dedication in strengthening my company’s  brand and image. Their skill set and experience makes navigating online advertising and marketing a breeze. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yellow Door Collective.”

Next up was one of Dom’s great friends from ballet, and founder of Cape Academy of Dance. Jenna needed a website for her new brand, so we designed and built a site on WordPress, wrote the content and optimised it for SEO.

Her passion for dance and the role it can play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle really comes through on the site, my favourite bit is when she says: “The most rewarding part of being a dance teacher is watching children grow into their most authentic selves. Being part of this journey is a wonderful privilege.”


And this is a perfect segue to introduce my incredible yoga instructor Kelly, who offers private one-on-one sessions, group sessions and corporate classes.

She also needed a website for her brand, so we followed a similar process to create I loved reading about her yoga journey, where she explains: “I found Vinyasa yoga was my style as each time I returned to my mat and began my flow it felt like dancing. This yoga concentrates on creating meditation through movement with the breath. It allows you to be creative in your class sequences and designs. Basically you ‘go with the flow’ and I am all about that!”



Before lockdown I was attending Kelly’s classes three times a week and have never felt more grounded, calm or energised from exercise – so can highly recommend her as an instructor.

But I’m getting side tracked here, so back to the campaign! When we launched it, we decided to set aside some of the time to support one of our Instagram followers, and ended up working with Roots Natural Skin Health founder Andrea. We had a couple of calls on Zoom and audited her website – giving suggestions to make it more consistent and mobile-friendly. When it came to social media, we shared tips to make the content more engaging and relevant to segments of her target audience. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Andrea, and adding value to another local brand.



All in all, the campaign was really rewarding for us and distracted us from the strange times we find ourselves in. We look forward to seeing all of these brands grow and succeed in the coming years.

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Welcome to life behind the Yellow Door.

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