3 Dos so you don’t get lost in communication

By Danielle Scheepers

Posted on 24th January 2019

Reading time: 4 minutes

Good, clear communication is a powerful tool when used correctly. Just ask us, we’re a marketing agency where every employee has their fingers in 17 different pies at all times. Seriously, it gets intense and messages are bound to get lost among crossed wires.

Kirsten, our powerhouse project manager and web development guru agrees, ‘There is a lot going on and to keep track of – communication is crucial,’ she says. ‘We are a small agency and each has a role that nobody else plays, i.e. we each have key information to help each other do our jobs – there are no ‘back up’ people to fill in the gaps if someone is slacking in communicating.’ (Incidentally, Kirst is a champion communicator, just take a look at her blog posts on web development basics.)


Thankfully, this is not a blind spot, but rather an area which we are constantly refining with processes, templates and straightforward feedback.


The lessons we have learnt have been invaluable in helping us build good relationships with clients and one another. So helpful in fact that are too good not share!

Listen and learn

This may be the most important point on communication: listen before you speak. Many times, because of a fast-paced lifestyle and working environment we miss things. It is important to take note of points being made.


This not only fosters good relationship with the other person, but they may answer everything and provide extra information you didn’t know you needed if you gave them space to be heard. Do not lose focus: the minute you start building your counter argument, you are taking your attention away from the other person.


Make sure that you get all the information and understand clearly what is being asked of you by following these points:


– Ask questions if you are unsure of what you are being told
– Paraphrase the statement and repeat back what you have heard
– Try not to interrupt
– Do not assume that you know what is going to be said next


Simple, but very effective. This is golden advice for telephone conversations, specifically when it comes to names and details.

The importance of being earnest

Vulnerability is scary, but necessary if you want a tight knit team and an effective business which others trust. Thoughts need to be communicated to make sure everyone adds their unique viewpoint to a situation.


As one of our great lady bosses Dominique pointedly says, ‘no one can read your mind.’ 


This point is not only relevant for work, but also an important life skill. People really value fresh opinions and ideas – bring your whole self to work.


Help us help you

As an agency, we have been privileged enough to work with a variety of impressive clientele. You quickly learn that communication is one of the most important factors in delivering quality services.


So what is the most important thing to remember when briefing us on what your company needs?




Make sure to have a strong sense of the objectives to be achieved (more sales, interaction, brand interaction) and the timeline available to get it done. As projects progress, things change – this is normal, remember that you can save a lot of time and money by clearly communicating this to your agency.


Draft a quick email with bullet points and ‘cc’ all necessary parties, or call directly with a defined need. We will be on the other line, ready to jump on your clearly defined instructions and make marketing magic happen!

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