4 benefits to coaching in business

Over the past few decades, executive coaching has become increasingly popular and is now a thriving industry. Individuals and businesses have realised how the coaching process can have significant, positive outcomes.

Here at Yellow Door, we regularly engage with an executive coach and a number of consultants in the team development space, and have really experienced the benefits to both our personal and team development. A few of the most impactful benefits have been: 

  1. Increased self-awareness:

One of the main areas which coaches target is the development of self-awareness. With increased self-awareness, comes increased self-regulation. Being aware of our emotions and triggers can help bring about discipline and control.

All members of our team have done the Gallup Clifton Strengths assessment. The results can be enlightening as they allow you to see yourself more clearly and give insight into your unique strengths. When we play to our strengths, we become more engaged, happy and productive.

On the other end, coaching can also identify areas where there is scope for improvement and growth. Have a look at the Positive Intelligence Saboteur assessment, where you can learn how you can self-sabotage when you become stressed. Through identifying our personal saboteurs, we can learn how to manage them effectively.

  1. Understanding each other and operating effectively as a team:

Following the results of these assessments, we also gain a greater understanding of how our colleagues operate and what makes them tick! Once we realise our individual talents, we can delegate tasks to ensure that we are working together as a team to achieve our maximum potential.

We work with a varied client base, so we also realise that each client will have their own strengths and preferred ways of working. We have learnt to adapt our processes and systems to best suit each client’s requirements, with the intention of developing positive relationships all round.

An important concept in building relationships is to work on developing our empathy, as it can enhance our interactions with our colleagues and clients. Interestingly more and more, empathy is being recognised as being a key driver in business growth. Rene Schuster, former CEO of Telefonica Germany, stated: “Empathy is not a soft nurturing value but a hard commercial tool that every business needs as part of the DNA”.

  1. Reflection and insight into our business:

In a fast-paced work environment, it is hugely valuable to assign time to take a step away from our day-to-day tasks and assess the business from a new perspective. A coach can prompt questions to encourage critical and creative thinking, allowing us to identify unexplored, innovative avenues for growth.

A coach can work with you to define the organisation’s vision, purpose and values. We keep our Yellow Door values in mind as we work on all our projects.

  1. Increased productivity and achievement of our goals:

The bottom line is that coaching has proven to increase productivity and profitability. As a team, we work to clarify our goals and build a strategy to achieve them. Through coaching, we can align employee objectives with those of the company. The process allows all team members to feel involved, supported, and accountable, which in turn increases motivation.

Has your team done any team development courses or leadership coaching? Let us know in the comments – we would love to find out how other business work with their coaches.

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