5 Reasons To Use Elementor As A Page Builder On WordPress

According to our research, over 65% of websites using a content management system are built on WordPress, and 11% of those are using the Elementor page builder to create dynamic, fast and user-friendly websites.

But if those stats aren’t enough to convince you that WordPress and Elementor are a match made in heaven, here are a few examples of sites we’ve built recently, plus 5 other reasons why using Elementor Pro as your page builder is a good idea.

Made in Cape Town is a membership platform that supports, celebrates and promotes local businesses producing products, systems and services within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds. They advocate for local businesses, shifting consumer mindsets to think, buy, shop, play, visit, and experience everything local; however and whenever they can.

The brief for Made in Cape Town was to create a membership subscription website with two membership options, lite and full. We created the website on WordPress with Elementor and WooCommerce Subscriptions, enabling the user to pay online and have a yearly renewal of the subscription. We also enabled the user to add their business to a business directory and add deals available to other members only through a membership portal accessible only to those logged in to their account.

The Ginger Tree is a vintage furniture, décor and gift store in Harare, Zimbabwe. They have over 1000 products in their physical store ranging from vintage one-off products to eclectic décor items and locally made gifts. They needed a solution to create an online store to house its products with simple and variable options so that they could expand their reach further than their physical store in Harare. We created their store using WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor. 

Wild Air Sports is an extreme sports media house, covering everything from mountain biking to trail running and kayaking. They cover major events in these sports category and provide entertaining and educational content for their readers.

They needed a multimedia platform to host their content and ensure that it is accessible and responsive on all devices. We developed a website for them using WordPress and Elementor, and optimised the content for load speed using the Smush and Hummingbird plugins.

There are so many options to design a custom, on-brand website with Elementor. Here are some more reasons to consider using WordPress and Elementor to build your website. 

  1. No matter how big or small your company, the Pro version of Elementor is all you need and is highly affordable at only $59 per year, all inclusive. This includes a full set of widgets which enable you to create all the dynamic elements of your website that you might need, on all devices. A couple that we use often are the pricing tables, the icon and text features and the forms widget. It comes with over 300 ready-made templates that could inspire new design elements for your website too. 
  1. The Elementor Pro plugin also comes with a highly versatile header and footer builder and all the settings to adjust colours and fonts on a site-wide level so you don’t need to buy or use another theme. You can either use the standard WordPress theme or their lightweight, free ‘Hello Elementor’ theme. We recommend that you use a theme that is readily available so that you can ensure it is always up to date with the latest version and no issues can arise from outdated themes and WordPress Core compatibility. 
  1. The most appealing thing about Elementor Pro is that it is so easy and intuitive to use that anyone can update the website with no development experience. It’s what’s called a ‘no-code platform’, which means that for the most part you won’t need to pay a developer hourly to update your website (unless you’d prefer to, of course).
  1. Included in the 100+ widgets that you can use to create your website is a form widget that not only automatically connects to Mailchimp, ConvertKit and custom webhooks, but also collects each form submission so if you miss the automatic email from your website you can always see who submitted the form and when on the dashboard of your site. This way, you’ll never miss a lead from a new client and you can build your newsletter database easily without having to buy special plugins to do it.
  1. Finally, the Elementor Pro plugin allows you to create a beautiful, dynamic and responsive website quickly and easily through the drag and drop widget function. The section- and column-based layout means that you can easily build the design on desktop knowing that it will adjust for any device size and for the most part without you needing to customise sections per device. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to creating a website with WordPress and Elementor. With over eight years of experience working with this page builder, we now have the process down to a tee, so if you’re interested in creating a website for your business take a look at one of our packages and get in touch.

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