5 things I take away from my five years with YDC

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I still remember the day that I joined Emma and Dom as a freelance copywriter and PR specialist. They were at the start of their Yellow Door Collective journey and I had just moved from Cape Town to the Garden Route with my family, expecting my second child.

Over the past five and a bit years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects, experience the growth within the Yellow Door team and see the positive impact we can make on our clients’ brands and bottom line.

As Yellow Door embraces the remote working concept (read more about how we do this well as a team), I’ve worked behind the scenes to develop new ideas and strategies, with a pen in hand as the copywriter of a new website or urgent press release, as well as at the coal face, managing clients and campaigns on a day to day basis.

During this time (1 885 days to be exact), I’ve learnt so many new skills (and apps!) as an extended member of Yellow Door. Although my heart is sad to no longer be part of the daily workings of this business, I will take away these five things from my time, and carry them with me into my new adventure:

  1. Grit

Running a start-up is no small feat. I’ve had the privilege to see Emma and Dom navigate many changes (some harder than others) and take each challenge head-on with incredible courage and determination. They have perseverance and grit far beyond their years and it’s been inspiring to see them push through and come out stronger on the other side.

2. Grace

Yellow Door has strict structures and workflow systems in place to ensure the optimal functioning of the team, however, I love how Em and Dom always show empathy and understanding towards their team members. There’s a high work ethic and standard that we are all called to, however, the human element is never forgotten. They lead realistically, and with grace. It’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end.

3) Balance

Yellow Door is very intentional about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You see it in the time and money they put towards team development, regular team dinners and fun moments outside the office. They instil the importance of practicing discipline with both work and play, and how the one surprisingly feeds the other. If you take time out to play and rest, you are most likely to be able to work better too!

4) Growth mindset

Every term, each team member has the opportunity to review the past quarter and pinpoint the areas that they grew and developed in, as well as what they want to grow in further in the next quarter. These moments have been invaluable and have changed my mindset from a fixed ‘I am only good at this’ mindset, to ‘what do I want to become better at and how am I going to make that happen?’.

5) Perspective

I believe that the traits of a good leader are the ability to look into the future, see the bigger picture, clearly cast vision and lead their people on the road that leads to that ‘future’. My journey with Yellow Door has taught me how to both dream big and anticipate the distant future, as well as zoom in to the detail and the necessary next steps. Em and Dom have mastered the art of holding both the future and the present lightly. They have been intentional about surrounding themselves with mentors which has given them the ability to always maintain a healthy perspective on every situation.

Here’s hoping that it’s not goodbye forever, but rather goodbye for now. Yellow Door, you are an inspiration to any small business owner and even though you already have so many accomplishments under your belt, I suspect that the best is yet to come!

Meet the team behind Yellow Door.

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