Agency structure – innovation born out of change

By Yellow Door Collective

Posted on 27th June 2018

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In the two weeks following our office shuffle, I have found myself wondering why any agency would want anything other than having all the members of a project team working closely with one another.

According to the project, Marketing2020, the winning companies of the future will have highly integrated organisations—that is, hub-and-spoke structures where the chief marketing officer is in the middle, with roles similar to a product manager, marketing strategies manager, advertising director, PR manager, market-research director and promotion director creating the spokes and rim of the wheel. Finally there is a shift away from silos!

Why is this model so useful?

What the hub-and-spoke structure has given us is great communication channels. Instead of having multiple members all trying to do the same thing, our communication is usually between two people: the person giving the task and the person completing it, making sure that all content is of a high standard.

So, after tasks are complete we simply communicate that to the task giver and and the next person waiting on the work, making communication efficient and effective between only the involved team members. It also creates a more consistent product because there isn’t the natural individual variations that occur when multiple people are responsible for the same or similar responsibilities.

This gives the hub-and-spoke structure one unique advantage: everyone is accountable. There are different parts of the wheel with different roles, so communications channels are direct and that cuts out any miscommunication that can easily occur with long chains of command.

Another benefit we have found is that changes to our internal systems can also be made quite quickly and effectively with help from each team member. Because everything is centralised, the policies and procedures that we use can be implemented with efficiency and accuracy.

Why do we like this model?

What we have we have found with structure is that it allows for innovation, strategists communicate with copy writers, copy writers communicate with designers, and account managers are kept in the loop throughout the process, leading to a greater understanding within our agency. Gone are the days of departments working independently of one another, as modern branding requires a holistic understanding of what the brand is, how it looks, how it sounds, and who it talks to.

Silos don’t exist at Yellow Door; we’re all about integration and interconnectedness. We all know who does what, how long it takes, and we are discovering new ways of leveraging our collective knowledge to benefit our clients. Interested to find out more? Follow us on Instagram, or pop an email to


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