Are you going to hibernate or hustle this winter?

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Duvet days, hot chocolate and Netflix are perfect for rainy Sundays – but how do you prevent your business from going into hibernation mode? And what are the consequences if you don’t?

The answer to the second question is pretty straightforward – your marketing team will tell you that you missed out on engagement opportunities, traction and leads; and your financials will tell you that sales are down! You may also be slow off the mark when peak season does kick in.

So, let’s focus on ways to address the first question, with some practical tips to ensure that your brand is alive and kicking throughout winter:

Find the right headspace

If you’re in retail, hospitality, tourism or marketing, summer in Cape Town is often a blur. As a result, some much needed downtime is always a priority when winter rolls in.

The problem arises when this sloth-like behaviour becomes a habit, rather than a week or two set aside to recharge! Sound familiar?

If you’re nodding or smiling in agreement but know it’s time to get your head back in the game, we suggest starting with a little dose of creativity. This can be anything from an afternoon at Clay Café to a stroll through a gallery.

In the past month we’ve prioritised two team building events. The first was an interactive workshop on productivity and self-awareness with Tammy Godsall from

The Happiness Consultancy; followed by a creative workshop with Lynnae Lyons from jewellery. Both afternoons left me with a spring in my step and the headspace to tackle strategic tasks I’d been putting off.


Ditch the to do list

A to do list is never ending… whereas a priority list has purpose. We challenge you to identify and commit to three important tasks. Remember that you don’t have to tackle them on your own, so delegate and get the support you need, whether it’s from a business partner, colleague or mentor.

Maybe it’s time to focus on revenue targets, introduce a new product line or reassess your marketing efforts. What’s actually working, and what do you need more or less of?

Clients often plan a marketing strategy workshop for the beginning of the year, but a mid-year stocktake when you have time to focus may be just what your brand needs.

Double up on marketing

You’re probably thinking that I’m bound to say this, as I run a marketing agency! However, my rationale goes a bit deeper than that.

Honest, authentic brands take time to build loyalty and gain market share, and a strong foundation is what counts.

According to InMoment’s 2018 US Retail CX Trends Report, 80% of shoppers said they grew to love a brand over time; the cumulative effect of great products, service, buying experiences, positive reviews and recommendations from others.

So my final challenge to each of you is to take the time to invest in your marketing while you have headspace and that priority list on hand, and make sure it’s working for you.

I’ve already mentioned our workshops, but other digital marketing priorities could include a rebrand; a new landing page on your website; or a content plan to see you through to summer. A Business 2 Community study suggests that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media – so don’t underestimate the power of a curated Instagram feed!

And lastly, remember that no two brands are the same. Your marketing strategy should be aligned with your business objectives and tailored to get maximum results within your budget. If you need help doing this, we’d love to assist – just pop me an email at

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