Blogs, newsletters and PR articles – how does the content differ?

I began my journey in agency life in January 2020 and what a year filled with learning it has been! One of the eye-opening points I learnt, is how many different marketing platforms are available to reach an audience, such as social media, websites, advertising and public relations.

At Yellow Door we take a holistic approach to building a marketing strategy for our clients. We aim to give the best ROI and create content which is engaging, on-brand and relatable.

What I find interesting is that content can have a totally different purpose depending on the channel it is written for. In this blog post, I look at the content for three of these channels, and why the objectives and tone differ for each one.

  1. Blog posts:

A blog post is an article uploaded to your website. Blog posts often provide tips and valuable information, either about your industry in general, or more specifically on your business’s product, or service.

Writing content for regular blog posts helps to improve Search Engine Optimisation and can attract traffic to your website. Articles are written in the first person and provide a platform for you to be seen as a thought leader while creating awareness of your brand and values. Blogging allows you to develop relationships with existing and potential customers and provides value for the readers.

Each time you blog, you create an opportunity for your audience to share the article, which further adds credibility to your brand. To reach a wider audience, a blog post can be featured in social media posts, newsletters and adverts.

For some examples of blog posts (including this one!) have a look at Yellow Door posts that we have uploaded onto our website.

  1. PR articles

Public Relations and influencer campaigns make use of media to tap into a larger audience and build brand awareness. Articles are written in the third person and the content is generally more objective than that of a blog post.

One of the key advantages to PR is that the content is seen to be authentic and informative. PR articles can give a business more credibility in the consumer market than advertising, which is often seen to be more promotional. A well written article in a magazine can effectively communicate key messages to potential and existing customers.

PR provides a unique touchpoint to raise your profile, help build a positive brand image, while also generating new leads.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. They are a great way to keep your brand top of mind with existing followers and new followers. They can include links to blog posts and products, which drives traffic to your website.

Written in the first person, newsletters can be a personal touchpoint and can help to build customer loyalty. The channel can be used to access customer feedback, through questionnaires.

Through using a platform, such as MailChimp, you can use the data to segment your audience to send direct, relevant content. The platform allows you to measure how each newsletter performs, which can give direction on how to refine the content.

Of course, these channels are only a few of the marketing platforms available to reach your audience. If you would like to chat to us on how we can support your marketing plan please contact us – we would love to hear from you!

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