Company values and how they benefit your business

Company values are popping up more frequently on websites and branding materials. What do values mean for business and why is it important to define them? 

Having a clear set of values, helps to shape a company’s purpose, strategy, and culture. They ensure that a team is working towards the same goals and can create a sense of commitment in the workplace. When your communication is built around your core values, it helps to boost employee motivation and engagement. Your employees understand what you stand for; and they help to attract new talent who share similar values and believe in your brand.

When values become part of your team’s culture and are integrated into your daily work they can impact your relationships with your clients, partners and shareholders. Your values differentiate you from your competition, and can give you a unique competitive advantage, particularly when your values resonate with those of the client. 

At Yellow Door, a small values award is given each month to the team member who has embodied our company values in their work and attitude. We find by keeping our values top of mind, we stay aligned to each other and our purpose, while keeping our Yellow Door culture alive. Our six core values are:

  • Integrity:

We strive to do the right thing, whether or not anyone is watching. Integrity encompasses sound principles, honesty and trust. 

  • Authenticity:

Authenticity means being genuine and transparent. We are a team of real, honest people. We are trustworthy. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

  • Consistency:

Consistency inspires confidence – whether it’s in people, an approach or work done. Our team, partners and clients know they can depend on us.

  • Can-do:

We look for simple, creative and cost-effective solutions to each scenario, and always proceed with a ‘can do’ attitude – asking ‘how can we help’. 

  • Curiosity:

We go beyond what, when and how, to make sure we understand the why. This discovery process is what sets us apart. 

  • Adaptability:

We love a challenge and have an ability to blend seamlessly into any environment, without losing sight of who we are and what we stand for.

Have you defined your company values? If you resonate with ours, contact us – we would love to work with you! 

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Welcome to life behind the Yellow Door.

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