Content amidst coronavirus

“Evolve or die” has been ringing in ears across virtual boardrooms and video group calls for the last month or two. Though COVID-19 has led to rapid evolution of business models, service offerings and working patterns themselves, in some industries there aren’t appropriate adaptations. Across many sectors including but not limited to hospitality, entertainment and leisure, this pandemic demands a pause in operations.

Similarly, we’ve been carefully considering how this applies to content marketing. For some businesses, it’s imperative that they broadcast their new methods of delivery. On the other end of the spectrum there are those for whom nothing has changed from a customer’s perspective, or those who are on a trading hiatus.

At Yellow Door we’re always looking at the bigger picture, which means considering not just a boost in your engagement or sales, but also your positioning in an industry landscape and general context. So, acknowledging that we’re in a global crisis, how can we craft content which contributes rather than capitalises?

This isn’t to say we’re against raising brand awareness or increasing return, especially as most businesses will be financially hit. On the contrary, that has been, and will always be, our goal. Our interest is more in how to ethically and sensitively provide content marketing within a pandemic. We’ve been looking for ways to be reactive, not reductive.

Our conclusions are that now more than ever it’s about quality over quantity. Post only when there’s something to say (e.g. a change in service or a reminder about order deadlines) or when there’s something you can do (such as make people laugh or help distribute verified and useful information). We’re not advocating a pause on social media, just an approach which considers the current global context.

Kayos, one of our clients which Jess and I are working on, has taken this strategy and truly run with it! They realise that as the advertising industry is currently frozen, there is no value in them using social media, or their internal resources, to promote themselves as casting directors. They didn’t want to churn out content for the sake of it, but rather spent time considering with us what their aim was. We agreed that their assets at this time are technological know-how and connections to talent. They wished to contribute something to the creative conversation and provide some entertainment to help counter the endless news cycle we’re all struggling to look away from.

We have been inspired by their genuine approach; together we’re crafting their ‘In the Virtual Studio: Interview Series’ because we really think the guests will inspire, humour and distract viewers. Of course Kayos are creating content which represents their brand ethos and company abilities, but that’s a side product of wanting to use their specific positioning to do something positive at this time. Their view was realistic; they can’t develop a vaccine or house the destitute, but they can help engage and tickle people who all need bite size chunks of interesting distraction.

Similarly, Yellow Door has been working with Cara Saven Wall Design. Cara noticed a trend within lockdown of people spending time on home improvements and DIY.

In response to this and the evolving way people use their homes as work spaces and the set for video conferencing, she has created a new wallpaper which is cost effective and can be installed by buyers in their homes. Instead of focusing on sales for her main product, she’s created something more accessible, and tapped into what people want and need during this time. We’re about to roll out the content marketing for this, so keep an eye out on her website. Again, a case study in responding rather than being reductive, which we’re sure will bring joy to many homes and fresh engagement for the brand.

It has been our pleasure to find ways to curate content which is more conscious than ever, which communicates brands effectively, but specifically with consideration of the current climate.

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