From feeds to stories: what’s new in the world of Instagram

By Abdul Govender

Posted on 29th August 2018

Reading time: 2 minutes

Instagram has undoubtedly become the queen of social media apps, while Facebook still remains King. As of June 2018, Instagram proudly announced that they’d reached a whopping 1 billion active users per month – which increased by 25% over the past year!

Earlier in the year we shared tips on Instagram Stories. This time round I’d like to take you through the best new features, which will help you get the most of out of your digital marketing.

The need for a longer feed – IGTV

The most notable feature added to Instagram recently (20 June 2018) was IGTV, a new platform for longer videos that is designed to function like social-media based television. The new feature supports longform video – up to an hour long – shot in vertical orientation.

The videos take up the entire smartphone screen, like Instagram Stories, and they’re accessible not only within the Instagram app, but via a separate IGTV app which you’ll find on the Android and Apple stores respectively.

Instagram Stories 102

Did you know that Instagram Stories recently celebrated its second birthday? Jeez, how time flies. And there are a couple of nifty new features to try out.

First up we have emoji sliders – which are similar to a poll, allowing you to indicate how much you like or dislike something. For example, “How much do you love coffee?” could have anything from a sad face to a beaming one, with a slider that has a lot more emojis in between. The emoji sliders can be placed within your Instagram Stories.

Next up is that you now have the ability to share posts from your newsfeed directly to Stories. Remember the days where Stories were Stories and posts were posts on Instagram? Well now you can share your posts — and other people’s posts — directly to your Instagram story. This allows you to promote brands you like on your own story, making it easier to share a new product launch with your followers for example.

One of Instagram’s latest features allows you to ask your followers questions in Stories. Your question will appear in a little rectangular sticker in your story, followed by a text box that your followers can fill to their heart’s content, whether they’re providing some insight about a new product, or just to let you know what they think about your service.

More face time – video chat

Looking to video chat with a fellow Instagrammer or pal? You can now do so effortlessly through the app itself. One of the best features with this new video chat option is the ability to continue to scroll through your newsfeed whilst chatting! You can even have 4-way chats with friends at the tap of a button.

If all of these updates to Instagram seem overwhelming you are welcome to contact us and we can either show you how it’s done, create a strategy for you, or run your brand’s Instagram account on your behalf.

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