Live by your values, don’t just list them

By Emma Donovan

Posted on 30th May 2018

Reading time: 3 minutes

We have five core values at Yellow Door: to be authentic, consistent, have a can-do attitude, care why, and last, but not least, to do everything with integrity. In this blog post I look at how and why we make a concerted effort to live by them every day, and not just list them on our website!

3 ways we keep our values top of mind:

  • Ant has designed an icon for each one, and we’ve printed posters to go on the board room wall. Not only is it a stylish addition to the space, but it’s a reminder of what we stand for and believe in every time we walk through the yellow door.
  • We link behaviours, attitudes and the way to tackle tasks back to each one. For example, we put ‘care why’ in to practice when we create a holistic strategy for a new client, by focusing on why the brand does what it does, and how to get this across to their target market
  • We share stories every Friday, for example about how we stayed consistent or embraced a can-do attitude.

To understand the why, we need to delve a little deeper in to each one, and unpack what they stand for, in order to explain why they are central to what we do.


Authenticity means being genuine and transparent. We are a team of real, honest people. We are trustworthy – and we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

From the very early days, Dom and I have been very clear about this one. We want to stand out from the crowd and avoid typical marketing agency traits. We want to attract staff and clients that take the road less travelled, with intention and purpose, rather than just because it’s the scenic route!


Consistency inspires confidence – whether it’s in people, an approach or work done. We instil this in each of our team and come back to it over and over again.

We aim for a consistently high standard of work; and are constantly coming up with ways to raise the bar, expand on our offering, and keep the new improved version consistent!


We believe that a combination of passion, drive and proactivity is a winning combination. We are dynamic in our approach and relentless in our pursuit of success – and find a way to always have fun along the way.

Why? This testimonial from food and wine commentator Michael Olivier sums it up better than I can: ‘YDC is a super team; professional, clever, innovative, and there is a passion – and a sense of humour – about what they do. I have referred clients and friends to them, and will continue to do so.’

Care why

We go beyond the what and the when, to make sure we understand the why.

This keep us curious, ensures we are strategic, and that we really understand each brand we work on, and what they have set out to achieve.


At Yellow Door, integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. It encompasses sound principles, honesty and trust.

It is a golden thread that runs through everything we do – whether it’s in an interview, or deciding whether a potential client is a good fit for our team.

At the end of the day, long-standing relationships are based on shared values, mutual respect, and a willingness to listen. We are incredibly lucky to have many clients that fit this bill, and look forward to expanding our retainer client list further this year.

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