Online advertising: 4 steps to take before you start

New research from the Content Marketing Institute states that 91% of the best positioned content marketers make use of paid advertising.

Paid advertising comes with assurances that your business can reach a defined audience and becomes an opportunity to leverage your content to elevate your brand. With specified targeting comes possibilities to access invaluable traffic. This tends to result in increasing leads and website traffic, which subsequently creates brand awareness, and increases sales conversion rates.

However, without strategies in place the risks of wasting money and achieving low conversion rates becomes a lot more likely. The trick is to create a digital marketing strategy that complements your paid advertising! This tends to make the audience more receptive when they click on an ad as all the necessary touch points are conditioned to encourage the consumer.

So, what are some useful things to know before jumping into paid advertising? 

Have a strong website to create a great first impression

If the end goal is getting customers to your website then you have to make sure that it looks good! There is no point directing ad traffic to a website that looks subpar. Creating an optimised and personalised experience from the initial landing page to the actual purchasing point is a prerequisite. This first impression should create a sense of legitimacy, enthusiasm and comfort.

This builds trust. 

If you’re in need of a website let’s meet up to chat more. Whether it be a simple presence online or a full e-commerce site, we can articulate your brand using WordPress and Elementor.

Use the most suitable ad platform to communicate with your audience

Deciding which online platforms to run your ads on can be a challenging decision. There is no one-size-fits all approach when communicating with an audience across platforms. So it becomes important to understand how different online platforms intermediate information and communication to your audience. 

For example, if you target a younger audience then you might find TikTok more suitable. The app currently has 698 million monthly users (41% aged between 16-24). This platform would be ideal for reaching young adults. The minimum daily spend for ad groups is $20 so it is accessible for small and large businesses. 

If you don’t choose wisely, there is potential to end up in a situation where your engagement and reach don’t lead to your desired conversions.

Have a good base of existing organic content that compliments your ad

With a base of organic marketing, this allows you to build a brand voice, educate and create authentic consumer interactions. Strategies based purely around paid ads are shallow and risk losing the mindshare of your customers.

It’s not just all about paid advertising. Let us not underestimate the importance of organic marketing working collaboratively with it. They both have the intentions to push engagement and conversions. As they say, ‘behind any great paid ad campaign is a consistent and creative organic strategy.’

Follow a content calendar

Depending on how many platforms you are advertising on, keeping track of your content can become challenging. You could end up missing some posts that could affect your campaign. Luckily for us, we use a platform called Airtable to stay organised and on top of our client’s content which makes the process a lot easier.

Do not underestimate the importance of consistency in a marketing campaign. A content calendar allows for this as you begin to see the big picture of strategy. You’ll know how each piece of content fits together to create the entire campaign. With this perspective in mind planning a budget and assessing ROI becomes more accurate.

Are you thinking of making a move into online paid advertising? Schedule a meeting with us if you are and we’ll discuss your specific needs in more depth! 

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