Packaging design and our process

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Form follows function and packaging design is the process of creating a stylised form that not only serves a specific function, but also markets, promotes and ultimately, sells your product.

The functional side serves as a protector, carrier, and presenter of your product; while the style side creates the desire for the product, enriches the user’s experience and interaction, and delivers on the brand promise and values.

At Yellow Door we recognise that innovation begins by understanding the brand, the product, the target market, and defining the design parameters: budget, timeline, goals, requirements, and materials.

In this blog post we will touch on the process we follow when it comes to packaging design, and hopefully provide some insight in to how important your packaging is, not only to your product or its consumers/ users, but your brand too.

First contact and all the admin

You contact us to take your product to the next level. We schedule in a meeting to chat, and to determine the objectives, scope of work, budget and timeline. After the meeting we will process everything and provide you with a quote. Once the quote has been accepted and the deposit paid, we get started.

Insights and research

There are many things to consider when starting a packaging design project: the brand and its position in the industry, the brand’s strategy and values, product integrity, the target audience and consumer segments, distribution channels, the materials that will be used, the style, and how the product will be advertised.

With so much to consider, insights are fundamental in understanding the task at hand. To do that, we ask you lots of questions, pick your brain, get perspective, do research, brainstorm, consult the oracle, come up with ideas, find inspiration, and conceptualise, so that we can provide the perfect solution to your packaging needs.

Telling the story

Throughout the design process we continue to tell the story, the story that you want us to tell. It might be the story of your brand or the story of how the product was made, or how the idea for the product came about. Whatever the story, we marry it to your product throughout the design, in a way that promotes not only the product and your brand, but human connection as well.

Once this first bit of magic has happened, we present our packaging concepts to you. You critique, question, inspect with a fine-tooth comb, give feedback, and eventually choose the concept that speaks to you and your audience. We then tweak, get more feedback, work our magic, sprinkle in some more creativity, and produce the final artwork concept ready for your approval.

Be courageous, there is no reward without risk

Having a final packaging design is only half the job, now comes the printing, testing, and finally, production phase. If all the research, brainstorming, and analysis was done correctly then this should be a relatively easy process.

Get samples printed of your packaging and test it out with consumers, staff, or online via advertising and social media, and even give it to a few retailers to display in their stores.

Once you have processed all the feedback, design changes and tweaks can be made, and the final packaging can go into production. If all goes to plan your product will blow the minds of your audience and sales will soar. We can work with the printers in finalising your packaging or you can take it to the printers of your choosing, it is completely up to you.

‘Inspired originality in packaging design is the true path to creating impact. Lead, never follow.’ – Exelio Mattos

Creating packaging that is on-brand, innovative, and engaging can be a complex and even daunting prospect. At Yellow Door, we take a hands-on and holistic approach, we not only value but implement your feedback, we strive to be innovative and creative, and create a packaging design solution that resonates with your brand, your audience, and keeps your consumers coming back for more.

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