6 November 2019Reading time: minutes If you have 5+ years of agency experience and want to work 20 hours/ week – read on. We’re looking for an all-rounder who takes ownership of their work and resonates with our values: integrity, consistency, being authentic, having a can-do and care why attitude. As we’re a small team, we need someone we can depend on and enjoy working with.  You would manage 5 – 10 projects at any one time, ranging from new websites to digital campaigns, workshops and video shoots. Non-negotiables: Adaptive and productiveFocused on solutions rather than challengesCalm, professional approachAble to continue reading

18 life lessons from our careers to date

Yellow Door is fast approaching its 5th birthday, creating a unique opportunity for reflection, both for us as a company but also as individuals. We thought it might be fun…

EQ vs IQ in the workplace

“At the end of the day, we are humans dealing with humans!” I have no idea who uttered this ingenious sentence but never were truer


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