Emma - New business director Em grew up in Zimbabwe, and reflects Zim culture in everything: she’s humble and hard working, and always optimistic! She had jobs as a babysitter, waitress, chalet manager, freelancer and event set up a backpackers during the 2010 FIFA World Cup! But the first one takes the cake! ‘My very first job was waitressing during Zim’s hyperinflation days and prices would change every single day. People would pay with different currencies and I would have to work out the maths in my head, often by torchlight because of the power cuts!’ Here are a few invaluable lessons continue reading

5 key metrics to track every month

In the current age of digital marketing, having an active social media presence is important. For many businesses, this means ticking the right boxes –

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Join us for a 6-month internship at our dynamic marketing agency. Job description: Are you looking to join a dynamic, full service digital marketing agency

Marketing strategist position

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2018 highlights reel

2018 highlights reel This year has been an absolute whirlwind! There have been lots of challenges, but each one has come with some form of