Running a business requires the ability to focus on multiple daily, weekly and monthly tasks, but unfortunately, most of our brains aren’t naturally designed to perform at their best while multitasking. The good news is that the advancement of technology is constantly bringing about new ways to increase efficiency and productivity in the workspace, helping you maximise your time so that you can focus more energy on priorities and meeting deadlines.

Q&A with Vanessa Clark

We get to collaborate with talented freelancers on projects from time to time, and Vanessa has been part of this collective from the very beginning. She’s an incredible wordsmith, storyteller and…

Q&A with Camille Eddy

My name is Camille, but my close friends and colleagues call me Cam. I was born in France, and I’ve been studying communication in Paris for the past two years.…

Q&A with Jessica Pitman

My name is Jessica Pitman, also referred to as ‘Jess’ by friends and family, or ‘Chuck’ by very close friends and family. I’ve grown up in both Durban and Cape…

Q&A with Dean Palmer

I’m Dean Palmer – my actual name is Dylan but everyone calls me Dean! Originally from Delft I now live in Woodstock in a shared

Junior account manager position

Reading time: minutes We’re looking for more than just a kick-ass account manager with a passion for all things marketing – because for us it’s


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