The answer to the second question is pretty straightforward – your marketing team will tell you that you missed out on engagement opportunities, traction and leads; and your financials will tell you that sales are down! You may also be slow off the mark when peak season does kick in. So, let’s focus on ways to address the first question, with some practical tips to ensure that your brand is alive and kicking throughout winter: Find the right headspace If you’re in retail, hospitality, tourism or marketing, summer in Cape Town is often a blur. As a result, some much needed downtime continue reading

7 top website development FAQs

So, you’re getting a website developed! While you’re probably very excited, the idea is also quite daunting for some and you might be a little

Q&A with Blessing Katona

Hi, my name is Blessing. I’ve just started at Yellow Door, which is my second experience working in an agency. I love the fact that you