In the first week of every month, our team undertakes ‘report week’. It’s stressful for some, but we know it’s important for clients to understand what we’ve been doing for their brands, and what impact this has had on their bottom line. In our opinion, it’s all very well to set up a website and social media platforms, and start using them to build your brand, but would you know these tools are working without a monthly report? Digital marketing efforts are way more measurable than traditional marketing like newspapers, magazines and billboards. The real problem is figuring out which metrics continue reading

Small agency, big return

When looking for the perfect marketing team to work on your brand, you may be drawn to big agencies due to the fact that they

Branding in the age of experience

In today’s digital world your brand, and your competitors, are constantly at the fingertips of potential customers. Interaction and user experience is the new currency,

Q&A with Christine Bergh

What is your position in the YDC team? PR Manager How would you describe your role? I’m supposed to be the PR expert 😉 I’m