People often think that at this point, it’s time to pop the champagne! In the first few months that your website is live, provided you are continuously maintaining the site to be well-optimised, you can see the traffic coming in. Which is all very well, however, this does not guarantee conversion. In parts 1-3 of my website management series, I covered some technical terminology, the basics of how to update your website, as well as how to put measures in place for your website to rank well on search engines (search engine optimisation). What exactly is ‘conversion’? The best way to understand conversion continue reading

Small agency, big return

When looking for the perfect marketing team to work on your brand, you may be drawn to big agencies due to the fact that they

Branding in the age of experience

In today’s digital world your brand, and your competitors, are constantly at the fingertips of potential customers. Interaction and user experience is the new currency,

Q&A with Christine Bergh

What is your position in the YDC team? PR Manager How would you describe your role? I’m supposed to be the PR expert 😉 I’m

How to upsell in a tough economy

This article was previously published in the Apr/May issue of Your Business Magazine. Whether it’s due to a competitive industry, a tough economy, or a