Past experiences & future opportunities

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As a young person just starting out in the working world, the future often seems like a hulking great beast that will not be tamed easily… at least, it used to. Nowadays the future seems a little more friendly, and that is all thanks to Yellow Door. My scary past experiences have now turned into amazing future opportunities!


Starting off was hard, coming fresh out of college classes trying to find work was not an easy task. Being me, I automatically wanted to find myself in a junior position doing EXACTLY what I envisioned for myself. But life giggled at me and said, “not today, hunnybunns”; and as a result, I looked for work in different sectors that were more widespread and accessible to people in my position.

Long story short, Yellow Door Collective snatched me up and sat me down for a good few months of intense training. The weeks went by and I could feel my brain re-wiring itself to think, feel and see the world from a more professional viewpoint. As an intern, my tasks were not stuck to any particular framework, I delved into anything I was given, and a little later on, I was invited to delve into whatever I wanted to help with.

Yellow Door granted me the experience and skills to do web development, copywriting, digital design and much more. Working on many a website to do with conservation or retail (such as and, while juggling copywriting for GP/OKCID and digital design for Pick n Pay Plumstead.


As of now, I find myself near the end of my stay here at Yellow Door, trying to find my way into the UX/ UI and interaction design fields, as it is what I studied and where my heart lies. I often think on how well equipped I feel after my experiences with Dom, Em, Kirst, Sah, Ant, Dan and Janine. They helped me become more confident in myself, allowed me to discover my capacity for growth and allowed me the opportunity to bring forth my work ethic. Thank you all, for the help and direction I needed!


As for the future… well, what can any of us really say? Yellow Door first asked me in my Q&A post, what superhero I would be if I could, I feel almost as if I have obtained new superpowers during my stay. Superpowers along the lines of proper task management, work autonomy and knowing what to prioritise.

Remember when I said my ideal job was in the UX/UI and interaction design fields? Well, that may be true, but I would not have traded the 6 months I had with Yellow Door for anything. Growing alongside the business, being there for their 5th birthday party, seeing clients come and go while being able to work on a whole host of things in different industries has been eye-opening. Going forward, I now have a base of knowledge that will help me be a well-rounded and knowledgeable candidate wherever I go, the opportunities seem to be that much closer now that the work has been put in and the skills have been sharpened.

That being said, I feel confident I can tame that hulking great beast of a future I know is waiting for me, and I am all the more excited for it. Kudos to you Yellow Door, you’ve been a dream!

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