What role do you play as part of the extended Yellow Door team?

I am freelance Graphic Designer and work on various projects for Yellow Door!

Which of the Yellow Door values do you resonate most with and why?

(Integrity, Authenticity, Consistency, Can do, Care why)
They are all values I hold dearly but I definitely resonate most with authenticity. If anyone knows me they know how much I value honesty and transparency. I think one of the biggest social problems we face is that people are constantly trying to be someone else, comparing themselves to others and being afraid to express their true selves. I strongly believe that honesty is the best policy and that the truth always comes out.

Tell us a bit more about your area of expertise, and why you are passionate about it?

I studied graphic design for three years, but because I went to a small private college we ended up having a lot of 1:1 time and extended our subjects to marketing, coding and motion graphics too! Which was great because I absolutely love to learn new things.

I have a twin sister and she always describes me as the creative one. I’m a self-diagnosed OCD designer and I try bring creativity into everything I do. I love how something I am so passionate about can help so many people. Wether it’s helping a client brand their dream business or helping people meet their goals through maximising brand awareness, it really does make me feel so good to see a happy client!

What do you find most challenging about this area of marketing?

I think the one thing that is challenging as a graphic designer is that once you’ve learnt enough about it, you start noticing design problems; EVERYWHERE! Whether it’s the font on a menu that’s not aligned, pixelated images, or a logo that’s been misplaced, you really cannot get away from it.

What trends are you looking forward to learning more about/ implementing as part of your


The best part about marketing is that there is always change. You can literally never get bored! Whether it is a new social media platform, an algorithm you have to work with or a colour that people are now more drawn towards, there’s always something more to learn.

Instagram is slowly taking away the like feature, I am excited to see how our marketing efforts will change to drive more engagement through comments instead.

What are your top three projects or brands that you’ve had the opportunity to work on?

With Yellow Door I am so lucky to work on so many amazing brands. The latest three I have been working on are CTA, TDI and GP/OKCID. They all provide such impactful services. And the best part is by doing the marketing for these brands, it feels like I am helping alongside them.

What do you do when you’re stuck for inspiration?

I try to immerse myself in nature, bring myself to the present and just do the things that I love. I think nature is root of all design, there are patterns, colours, compositions, sounds and scenes that can inspire any project.

What do you do when you’re not working?

You will find me surrounded by friends and my boyfriend Kyle, doing something sporty or outdoors or relaxing with a glass of red wine in hand! And most likely eating sushi! I don’t think a weekend has gone by since I started my studies in 2015 where I haven’t been on my laptop doing work, I really do value downtime but it’s hard when you love your job so much!

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

I would be the little baby from The Incredibles. I think he is so damn cute, and why would you not want all the super powers in the world!

>> Take a look at Kirstie’s portfolio here: www.behance.net/kirstdunca687c.

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