So what’s the big idea with audio branding?

Hi there, my name is Carol and I’m the co-founder and director of The Stellar Effect, a creative audio agency and SA’s first commercial podcast production house. What a fun industry to be pioneering in, especially in our beloved home, South Africa.

Thanks to Yellow Door Collective for letting me take the mic on their blog for a post on audio branding. We’ve also got a really exciting offer for you, so you definitely want to read to the end of this post.

I often find myself explaining what audio branding is and the concept of creating a sound for brands. Visual branding is a well known part of any branding exercise but audio branding has only recently started to gain its own space in the branding spotlight.

Simply put an audio brand is best described as a brand ‘soundtrack’. I always ask our clients to imagine what their brand would sound like if it were a piece of music.

A growing number of brands around the world are starting to make use of the audio element in their branding. MasterCard was one of the first brands to make this move in 2018 and is reported to increasingly be moving towards integrating visual and audio branding, rather than the traditional written elements of branding that they have always utilised.

This makes sense in a world that is ever evolving and where more media and adverting is being consumed via online streaming platforms. The very nature of how people are engaging with brands is shifting to a far more visceral experience.

It’s very hard to be indifferent to a piece of music. What’s the first song you remember singing? Or what was that first big live concert you went to in high school? Have you ever taken the soundtrack out of a movie or TV series? Often you don’t consciously engage with the music but absolutely notice when it’s gone. Take those ominous two low notes out of the Jaws movie and suddenly it becomes rather ridiculous and not half as scary.


Myself and fellow Stellar founder and co-director, Jason Skippers, have been working as musicians and music producers for the better part of fifteen years and we still aren’t able to fully articulate the powerful impact that music has on us as well as on the audiences and clients we have worked with.

Oliver W. Sacks, a highly qualified and well regarded British neurologist spent much of his career researching music’s effect on the brain. Especially on people with neurological impairment. He made the observation in his book  Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain “music is part of being human”. This is profoundly true and to sum it all up the real question is why wouldn’t you consider utilising this magical power in your branding exercise?

We have written a number of brand sounds for clients. You can take a listen to our latest sound reel over here. We take your brand, its look and feel, the words that you use to describe your brand and your brand promise and then through a really fun and creative process we turn all of this into a piece of music – your audio brand sound. This versatile branding can be used for podcasts (another thing we do), video content, social media, and other marketing platforms to create continuity in your audio and visual messaging.

We’ve teamed up with Yellow Door to bring you an awesome audio brand offer. We are giving a 15% discount to any brands who use the discount code ‘Life behind the Yellow Door’ when you contact us to do your audio brand sound.

Pricing: SMMEs/ NGO audio brand sound was R6 780 NOW R5 763 and Corporate audio brand sound was R10 106 NOW 8 590.10

T&Cs: This offer is valid from 3rd June 2020 until the 31st July 2020. You have exclusive use of the audio brand sound that we create for you. All our work is original. This offer includes 3 basic idea options, 2 reviews and one final mix of an audio brand sound. Brand sounds are no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 3 minutes.

For more information or to book a quick chat please contact us at

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Welcome to life behind the Yellow Door.

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