Marketing Account Management: a year in review

Yes, it’s true…in marketing, every day is different and unpredictable. But that’s what makes it exciting, isn’t it? When I stepped into my new position as an account manager at Yellow Door earlier this year, my game plan was to enter the role with an open mind, expect the unexpected and embrace every challenge with a positive outlook.

What I had not anticipated was the whirlwind of excitement each day would bring.

So what does an ‘expected’ day look like, you may ask?

Well, it starts with coffee – and plenty of emails! 

And that’s it.

Or rather that’s all you can expect to remain constant. Everything else is everchanging. 

On a serious note, each account manager has a range of clients on their list, each with very specific marketing needs and objectives. Simply put, our responsibilities as account managers is not only to manage each client’s account but to invest in relationships that will ultimately allow us to reach the client’s marketing objectives and goals. This includes maintaining a strong and strategic relationship with both clients and our collective of creatives and partners. We ensure there is a constant and productive flow of communication between clients and creators.

As account managers, we implement strong marketing strategy for our clients and ensure the content or campaigns we create align with the brand’s values, message, and marketing objectives. We use our experience and expertise in the field to design effective and fresh campaigns that are implemented swiftly. 

We aim to start each day with a pre-set objective that we want to achieve, which ultimately helps us work towards the big picture game plan. We then correspond with both our client and our talented team members to achieve our daily goals.

In between this, we are content creators, strategic thinkers, collaborators, thought leaders and teammates. Our ultimate goal is always the same – to provide strategic marketing value to our clients that remains agile, innovative and results-driven. One thing is certain, there is a continuous learning culture within this industry. Our team shares the quality of trying anything new and refreshing that gives us a unique edge and that’s what sets us apart.

The past year has taught me the qualities of becoming dynamic, organised, detail orientated and I’ve developed a deeper passion for all things marketing as well as an eagerness to embrace and adapt to every challenge. It has exposed me to new adventures and skills that weren’t initially on my radar. What you learn in those university marketing and business textbooks is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the knowledge and experience waiting to be unlocked in this role.

In retrospect, some personal favourite moments were:

  • Front-row seats to the opening of a PNA’s new store in Cavendish Square and seeing our client’s vision come to life
  • Taking my first website revamp project with the Yellow Door team
  • Assisting PNA Observatory in donating stationery and snacks to Salt River Primary School and build awareness around the local community
  • Joining high-level thinking strategic workshops with our clients that resulted in an influx of ideas and visions which allowed us to build strategies and actionable steps to achieve these objectives
  • Successful campaigns with PNP Plumstead that resulted in a growing their online following of 14 000 in January 2022 to it’s current 18000 following.
  • The abundance of skills gained in our internal Yellow Door growth workshops, strategy meetings and learning sessions, not to mention all the fun memories made and relationships built at our team-building events.

If I had to sum up the past year in 2 words it would be….wonderfully unexpected! And I expect the new year to be nothing less than that.

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Welcome to life behind the Yellow Door.

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