Top Instagram Metrics to Track for Success

There are many social media platforms out there, but Instagram is one of the most popular. There are roughly one billion active users and 500 million daily users.

According to Instagram, 90% of people follow a brand on the social network, making it a crucial platform for marketers. 

Of users across all the major networks, Instagrammers are also the most likely to view social networks as a place to research brands and products.

Instagram provides an excellent source of data due to its widespread usage and interaction. Your marketing efforts can be enhanced by this data, which will increase traffic, engagement, conversions, sales, and more!

To grow your audience and become more influential on Instagram, you must track the right metrics. To maximise your Instagram marketing success, you need to know how successful your strategy is and how to improve it.

To determine whether your marketing strategy is having a positive impact on your brand, you need to look at the numbers. The process of going through all the metrics and graphs may seem overwhelming, but it’s so worth doing and doesn’t need to be hard! You need to determine which metrics to focus on to feel more prepared to handle the data and save yourself some valuable time.

My goal in this article is to introduce you to some of the most important Instagram metrics that you should be tracking to determine how well your account is performing and what trends you should be aware of to improve it.

What are Instagram metrics?

Instagram metrics are statistics that show how well your posts perform on the platform. The numbers here are based on a variety of sources, such as your website traffic and ratings on app stores, as well as user-generated information like likes and comments.

It is important to understand how your Instagram content resonates with your audience through these metrics.

They include:

• The number of likes, comments, and views your post receives.

• The number of new followers you gain after posting a new photo or video.

• How many people engage with your account when they follow, like, or comment on a post.

Why are Instagram metrics important?

Tracking your Instagram metrics has many benefits, but the most important is that it provides insight into your business. This allows you to see what is working and what isn’t. 

Instagram Metrics to track for success

Instagram Reach

Reach is one of the most important Instagram metrics. As a result, your post goes out into the world, gets seen by other people, and hopefully generates engagement (comments and likes).

One of the first things to consider when analysing an account is reach, which tells you how many people see your content, which means they’re engaging with it, enjoying it, or getting value from it. Having a low reach number might indicate that posts aren’t reaching enough people, or that they’re not as engaging as they could be.

To find your reach:

Go to Insights> Posts> All Posts (or whichever type of post you want to analyse).

Click on the post in question and go down until you see “Views” on the righthand side under “Top Posts.” That number is your total reach for that post.

You can also see how many unique users saw each post by clicking on “Users Reached.”

Instagram Engagement Rate

Your Instagram audience engagement is an important metric because it shows how engaged they are with your content. The engagement rate is calculated by dividing total impressions (views) by total likes and comments.

An engagement rate of more than 50% means that people are interacting with your content more often than they are not. Over time, this leads to increased brand loyalty and sales as customers return again and again.

It’s also important to note that engagement rates will naturally vary from weekends to weekdays. Weekends tend to have higher engagement rates than weekdays (Friday through Sunday) because people have more time to spend on their phones, but then give themselves some downtime during the week, which results in less content consumption.
To find your Engagement Rate:

Go to Insights > Posts > Posts.

Choose the date range you want to view, then scroll down until you see “Engagement Rate.”

Click on Engagement Rate, and it will show you the average engagement rate for all posts published during that period.

Instagram Return on ad spend (ROAS). 

When it comes to driving traffic to your website or app, Instagram’s return on ad spend is essential to monitor. It measures how much revenue comes from each paid interaction with your brand over a period of time.

The fomula: divide the amount of revenue produced as a result of an advertising campaign by the total spend on that campaign. 

To find your Return on ad spend (ROAS):

Calculate the revenue from each sale or conversion during the time frame of your campaign.

Calculate what percentage of conversions came from paid engagements with your ad.

Divide the second number by the first and multiply by 100.

Instagram Hashtag Performance

You can measure how engaging your content is by how many hashtags you use on your photos and videos. Your engagement rate will be affected if you use too many hashtags in your posts. In contrast, if you use too few hashtags, your content might not be found by those interested in it.

The quality and quantity of hashtags you use in each post must be balanced. Your audience will grow, and you will gain more followers if you use relevant, high-performing hashtags for each post.

To find your Hashtag Performance:

Go to Insights> Posts> Posts (by date)> Posts by type (photos or videos).

Click on any of the posts in this report and look at each hashtag used in that post by clicking on the “Hashtags” section under More Info.

Instagram Impressions

The most basic metric you need to track is impressions or the number of times your content is seen by a user or follower. In addition to showing how many people view your content, this metric shows the amount of traffic your content receives. Additionally, it gives you a clear idea of what kind of content your audience prefers and where they’re located. 

To find your Impressions:

Go to Insights on your Instagram profile page.

Click on “View Insights.”

Click on “Impressions” at the top of the page.

Instagram Click-Through Rate (CTR)

You can calculate your click-through rate by comparing the number of impressions your post received with the number of clicks it received.

You can use the CTR to determine how much interest your content is getting. Increasing your CTR over time will help you generate more engagement, which will lead to new followers, more traffic, and more sales.

Your audience can benefit from relevant, engaging posts. For example, hashtags or emojis could be used, photos or videos could be included, and captions could provide information or tell a story.

To find your click-through rate (CTR):

Go to the Insights section in the top right corner of your Instagram account. The click-through rate metric will be at the bottom of the page under “Analytics.”

The average rate for brands on Instagram is around 0.5%. 
Your Instagram account health is reflected in these metrics, which are helpful for figuring out how to grow your following. Spend more time on these metrics and adjust your strategies accordingly, and you’ll see success on Instagram.

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