Transforming Your Business with Google Tools and Smart Automation

Unlock the secrets to growing your business online. This guide offers a deep dive into using Google tools, smart automation with Zapier or Pabbly, and social media strategies to nurture leads and enhance client relationships.

Jason Mark from Floeo has been a partner of ours for a few years now so I recently asked him to share his passion for marketing with us in a guest blog post series. Jason has also recently built a CRM/ marketing software product called Groeo that we are now using for some of our clients. This is the first in the guest blog series written by Jason.

When Dom asked me if I’d like to write a few guest blog posts, I thought, why not write a little blog series where I show you how you can become more efficient and grow your business using different free tools and strategies for your own business? Even if your business is not 100% online, many of the principles I will share with you can still be applied to any brick-and-mortar business. Google’s suite of tools, enhanced by some clever automation and social media magic seems like the best place to start.

Why Google Tools Are a Business Owner’s Best Friend

Imagine having a personal assistant who’s always on the ball, doesn’t take sick days, and, best of all, works for free. That’s what Google’s tools felt like to me when I first integrated them into my workflows (YEARS AGO!) – Google Forms, Sheets, and Docs became my go-to for managing everything from lead captures to project proposals. But it wasn’t just about managing; it was about creating a system that worked while I slept.

Starting with Google Forms

Let’s say you’re launching a new service— for me, it was website redesigns tailored for small businesses. For you, it could be any service you currently offer or want to start selling. Anyway, I put together a snazzy Google Form to gather potential clients’ info right on my portfolio site. It was like fishing with the world’s most attractive bait—you know exactly who’s interested and what they’re looking for. You could still do the same on your website today. Maybe in another series, I can write about high-converting landing pages and CTAs (Calls to action). But let’s start here.

Google Sheets as Your CRM Hub

Now, where would all these bites—er, leads—go? Straight into a Google Sheet, automatically sorted so you can see who’s ready to jump on board. Imagine colour-coding your leads like a pack of Smarties or Skittles, making it a breeze to pick out the ripest opportunities. You could have some predefined formulas that do all of this automagically, making your life easier – I’m all about setting up systems that work for you in an automated way.

Proposals with Google Docs

Alright, now you have your leads in your Google sheet. Here comes the part where you woo your prospects. Google Docs lets you craft personalised proposals that speak directly to each lead’s needs- like writing a love letter but with less romance and more business impact. Using a feature like Google Docs’ ‘Insert’ tool, you can pull data directly from your Google Sheets. This is where you store all those juicy details about your leads. Names, services they’re interested in, budget range—you name it, you can merge it into your proposal template along with any notes you’ve made during initial conversations. You’re crafting a message that resonates, all by making your tools do the heavy lifting. Each proposal that goes out feels like a bespoke suit, perfectly tailored to fit the unique needs of your lead. That is how you turn a standard pitch into an irresistible offer!

Automating Like a Pro with Zapier and Pabbly Connect

Making Magic Happen Automatically

Taking it a step further, tools like Zapier or Pabbly Connect—which both offer free account options to get you started—can dramatically streamline your workflow. I find Pabbly outstanding, but both platforms are exceptional in making your systems interact seamlessly. For instance, you now set up a ‘Zap’ (Zapier) or ‘Task’ (Pabbly) that automatically sends out a personalised email to congratulate someone as soon as they fill out your form and attach to that email the personalised proposal you just (automatically) made in Google docs, extending a virtual high-five to them. When they get the email and see your proposal they will almost certainly be impressed to the point of booking a slot on your calendar, ready for you to welcome them into your professional fold with efficiency and warmth.

Leveraging Facebook and LinkedIn for Leads

Social Media as Your Lead Generation Ally

We all know that you can advertise on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and just about everywhere else these days –  you need to get those hopefully perfectly tailored ads to work for you, too.  By connecting these ad platforms to your Google Sheet via Zapier or Pabbly, every lead captured feels like hitting a home run – exciting, rewarding and a big win for you (and your team). These leads also then run through the same flow I just spoke about above. Running an ad campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook or TikTok that brings in leads while you’re busy sketching out your next big design or working on other parts of your business? That’s the dream.

The Human Touch in Automation

Engaging Your Leads

Remember, diving into automation doesn’t mean we toss out the personalisation. It’s about using the data smarts from our Google Sheet to craft those warm, personalised emails or follow-ups that really resonate. It’s like mixing up a custom cocktail for each lead—crafted with care, tailored to their tastes, and served with a smile. This approach ensures that while you’re streamlining processes, you’re also deepening connections, making each interaction feel as heartfelt and genuine as a handwritten note. It must be your way of showing that, behind the scenes, there’s a team of real, caring humans.

Nurturing Relationships and Closing Deals

Beyond the First Hello

After that initial wow moment with your personalised proposal, the journey has just begun. It’s important not to let that spark fade, with a few more automated steps, you can keep stoking the fire. Let’s pretend that the lead didn’t book that call or buy that service from you (hey, it happens), you should then set up a series of friendly nudges in the form of automated updates about your services, or even dropping a casual ‘how’s it going?’ email. In my world, we call this lead nurturing. Remember, automation here doesn’t mean set-and-forget. It means set, personalising, and occasionally tweaking based on responses, making each interaction feel as curated and thoughtful as your initial proposal. This isn’t just about chasing leads; it’s about cultivating relationships and guiding potential clients from that initial hello to the handshake that seals the deal. At the end of the day, business is about relationships, and good relationships are good business.

Your Path to a Thriving Business

So there you have it, a peek into some of the tools in my toolbox that transformed my business in those early years. With Google’s suite, some smart automation, and a sprinkle of social media strategy, you’re not just working smarter; you’re building lasting relationships.

I’ve been working on Groeo over the last year. Groeo aims to streamline these processes. Unlike juggling multiple standalone tools, Groeo is a fully integrated CRM and marketing automation software that offers a unified platform that simplifies and enhances your workflow. It’s everything we’ve discussed and more, wrapped in an intuitive package designed to make your business thrive with ease. It’s designed to Grow Your Business Anywhere. If you’ve made it this far, you can sign up for an account today and get 50% off any of our packages by using coupon code: GRYD50 at checkout.

Ready for More?

Anyway, stick around as I dive deeper into practical step-by-step tutorials where I’ll go into more detail about how to grow your business using different free tools and strategies, creating killer content, making the most of video marketing, and measuring your success like a pro. See you soon again for the next blog in this series.

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