Why we love brand strategy workshops

One of our favourite activities at Yellow Door is conducting brand strategy workshops with our clients. We find the workshops are particularly beneficial for new retainer clients, as they help us to really understand the brand and have a holistic plan before we start creating content. They are also a great introduction and first step in building a strong relationship between an agency and a client, which is so key to our approach.

We had the pleasure to work with Serrado Olive Oil founder Julian de Freitas recently, where we thoroughly enjoyed learning about their business and brand through various activities. We then developed a marketing strategy to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their website to boost their online sales.

As we did with Serrado Olive Oil, we typically do the following in a workshop:

✓ Clarify the brand’s tone, style and positioning.

✓ Identify key segments of the target audience, unique selling points and competitive advantage.

✓ Recommend appropriate marketing platforms to get the best ROI and achieve the marketing objectives.

✓ Build a strategy to connect with each audience segment on the appropriate platforms.

Following a workshop, we provide the client with a comprehensive brand guide. This can be used as a guideline for both internal and external marketing teams to ensure consistency across all platforms. We also develop and share an Airtable base, which is a shared spreadsheet for content planning and development. It’s populated with the feedback and campaign suggestions from the workshop, with additional tabs for future content and planning. We find this particularly useful when working on content for a new retainer client as we can then jump straight in!

The workshops can be beneficial too when working on a website project. The following is feedback we received from our client, Launchpad Angola:

“We worked with Yellow Door to strategise the brand-positioning and marketing for Launchpad Angola, the most established shared-office / coworking company in Angola. Yellow Door also executed our website overhaul, which included multi-lingual versions and a focus on SEO.

We liked Yellow Doors’ professional finished products, but also their excellent insights and suggestions along the way. Their wide experience is a huge asset, we learned so much through the process.

We also specifically liked the way they *listened* to what we wanted, and transformed that into something beautiful and functional, rather than imposing their ideas on us.

Yellow Door is a pleasure to work with!”

For more information on how Yellow Door could collaborate with your business, please see our services available, or feel free to give us a shout to chat through your requirements.

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