The art of delegating

Initially in my role as an Account Manager, when it came to delegating tasks, the following thoughts would go through my head: “I don’t want to burden someone else with this work. It will be quicker if I just do the work myself. Something will go wrong if I’m not involved. The work won’t be as good if I let go enough to hand it over.” I’m ashamed about the last two points, but I’m being completely honest.

5 things to do before you set up an online store in SA

If you read our recent article about creating an online store for your products, then you may know some of what I am going to cover today. But here’s something you might not know… there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of an online store to ensure it runs smoothly. Did you know that SA’s largest online store, Takealot, employs over 1 200 people? Here’s why you need to think about this before you dive in.

TikTok/ Reels marketing for dummies

Similar to Vine, an old video hosting app, TikTok is all about short videos. While a lot of the content found on TikTok consists of users lip-syncing to popular songs or performing short dances, you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for, from makeup tutorials to strategically thought out, branded content, such as ELF Cosmetics’ viral #eyeslipsface challenge. ELF Cosmetics specifically commisioned a song to be recorded and promoted on TikTok, to pair with their challenge, and ended up gaining the most ever user-generated videos for a TikTok brand campaign. And with over 800 million monthly users, it’s safe to say that ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, is doing something right when it comes to attracting an audience!

Do I need a brand guide?

It’s often how something is said which determines our response. Can you think of an interaction where you received bad news, but didn’t feel distressed? If the answer is yes, that’s probably because the information was delivered clearly, so you felt empowered and informed.

Q&A with Sarah Millward

Sarah joined Yellow Door at the beginning of July 2020, to free up some of our directors’ time so that they can focus on developing the business. She’s friendly, articulate and always up for a new challenge – so it’s an absolute pleasure having her as part of the team.

Leadership part 3: relentless repeatability

The first time I heard the phrase ‘discipline gives you freedom’ was one of those lightbulb moments which has shifted my perspective as a business owner. I used to think that too much structure stifled creativity; when it actually has the potential to do the opposite, as it frees up valuable time and headspace to be a better leader and scale your business.

5 tips to stay sane working from home

New technology has allowed many companies to offer employees the flexibility to work from home. With the onset of Covid-19 this trend has accelerated, with many people now working from home for the first time. Many, including myself, have been working at home with small children during the lock-down. The challenge of this is somewhat of a juggle, however the best advice I was given in this case is just to be kind to yourself and do what you can!


Welcome to life behind the Yellow Door!


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