Life behind the Yellow Door

3 time-saving apps to help you seize the day!

Running a business requires the ability to focus on multiple daily, weekly and monthly tasks, but unfortunately, most of our brains aren’t naturally designed to perform at their best while multitasking. The good news is that the advancement of technology is constantly bringing about new ways to increase efficiency and productivity in the workspace, helping you maximise your time so that you can focus more energy on priorities and meeting deadlines.

Tips to succeed as an intern working remotely

I’ve worked part-time from the age of 16, and it’s been an important aspect of my life ever since. This is mostly because of the relative financial independence I’ve gained through having a job, but also because having a job allows me to feel productive and as though I am actively working towards a future for myself. I find it painfully easy to waste a day away in front of the TV or lounging around on my phone, so I feel like I almost need to have commitments over and above school or varsity work to give myself a sense of fulfilment.

Company culture and productivity behind the Yellow Door

People are often surprised at how much time we invest in our culture and people here at Yellow Door, especially for a small team. For us it’s second nature to want to improve the relationships and dynamics of the people in order to get the most out of them in the workplace. To find out why this is the case, we dug deeper into the link between culture and productivity at work.

Q&A with Stephanie Pope

Em and Steph have been friends since school days, and over the past couple of years she’s become invaluable to our team as a freelance designer. Apart from being incredibly talented at what she does, she’s wonderful with people and always goes above and beyond to deliver work on time, at the highest standard Have a look at our Instagram post about Pamarah Lodge for a sneak peek of the work she’s done for Yellow Door recently.

This way to your best marketing partnership

The marketing landscape is one that appears a certain way from the outside but, as with many things, is altogether different from the inside. At Yellow Door, we have waded chest deep into digital marketing so that we can navigate the way for our diverse range of clients.

Our full-service marketing agency manages every aspect of a company’s digital presence. Every client is different and, (not to toot our own horn) we make things happen and produce measurable results. Let’s take a look at a few compelling points for why we should be your agency go to.

Past experiences & future opportunities

As a young person just starting out in the working world, the future often seems like a hulking great beast that will not be tamed easily… at least, it used to. Nowadays the future seems a little more friendly, and that is all thanks to Yellow Door. My scary past experiences have now turned into amazing future opportunities!

18 life lessons from our careers to date

Yellow Door is fast approaching its 5th birthday, creating a unique opportunity for reflection, both for us as a company but also as individuals. We thought it might be fun to peel back the layers a bit and take a look at how far we’ve come as people in our careers and what makes us the team we are today –  the good, the bad and the ugly – we hope you enjoy it!


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