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5 tips to ensure your website is fast, secure and up to date

Have you ever visited a website that has interesting content, but you can see that the last article was written 3 years ago? Or do you have your own website and you are guilty of this too? Or worse, you had a website built for your business that you spent a lot of money on, and were very proud of, and then years later you had to spend more money rebuilding it as you didn’t spend the time on website maintenance.

The evolution of relationships in the workplace

After my first few months as an account manager at Yellow Door, I’ve realised that the future of digital marketing is uncertain, but we can be sure of two things:
1) In order to compete with other agencies and creatives, we have to adapt to technology at a faster pace than our competitors.
2) We have to define ourselves clearly so that our clients know exactly what we offer and how it can benefit them.


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